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U. S. Army's 1966 UFO Confrontation at Grafenwoehr, Germany – Blow The Whistle!

U. S. Army's 1966 UFO Confrontation at Grafenwoehr, Germany – Blow The Whistle!

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By Larry W. Bryant
The UFO Chronicles

     Recently, a former U. S. soldier has revealed his victimhood at the hands of a landed crew of UFOnauts whose technical prowess apparently exceeded that of any Earthling during the mid-1960's.

The crew's summer-night intrusion at the soldier's infantry-training camp in Grafenwoehr, Germany, apparently included abduction of one or more fellow infantrymen and the disabling of their M-113 personnel carrier. For more details of the soldier's experience, see his narrative here.

During the period in question, the soldier served as a truck driver
for A Company, 2nd Battalion, 21st Infantry, 24th Division.

If you or someone you know were among the participants/witnesses in
this case, and would like to offer the public some documented evidence
as to how and why the Army has suppressed public access to it, you,
and/or any other corroborative party, might prefer to submit your own
account -- in the form of a notarized deathbed confession. If so,
please share your information with me as follows:
Larry W. Bryant,
8415 Orcutt Avenue
Newport News, VA 23605-1415
phone: 757-251-2310;

Whatever you choose to provide might serve as a catalyst for other
whistleblowers to come forward and tell all in the interest of greater
UFO freedom of information and accountability.

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