Monday, March 09, 2015

Mystery UFOs Spotted Over Glendale | VIDEO

Mystery UFOs Spotted Over Glendale

By Fox 10

     People took to social media, contacting Fox 10 last night, all wondering about these mysterious lights in the sky. Jessica Flores did some digging and found some answers for our viewers.

These lights were spotted moving in the sky for about a minute, puzzling people all over Glendale; many believing this to be a close encounter. Well we found out these lights are unusual, but not out of this world.

“Look, they are like swooping around…Look they're moving… look how they are moving.”

Home video shows four bright lights moving strangely in the sky. It all happened around 9:00 p.m. Saturday in Glendale.

“They have like flame trails coming out of them… what are they?”

Facebook lit up with theories. Could it be...aliens???

“This is what the UFO's and aliens are wearing these days,” said Tom Talbott. “Yeah, exactly, we get that a lot.” . . .

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