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Sneak Peek at The Roswell Alien Slides?

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Roswell Alien Slide
Above is our example of a still from Adam’s documentary; the image was enlarged, enhanced, reconfigured to the proper perspective (as to look at it straight on) and finally (re)encased in a time relevant, Kodachrome pressboard mount. (Credit: Slidebox Media)

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 2-10-15

     As most of our readers are painfully aware, the saga surrounding the alleged Roswell alien slides took yet another turn, in where UFO celebrity and host/producer of Místico e Inexplicable (Mystical and Unexplained [as seen on Galavision]) Jaime Maussan, publicly (on January 29th, 2015) announced the following:
"Important news item: Mexico has been chosen to present an item of evidence that will change history. This coming May 5th at the National Auditorium, some of the most renowned experts in the world will appear before 10,000 spectators [Donald R. Schmitt, Thomas J. Carey, Adam Dew, ]. They have researched what is without the most important case of all time. Evidence from this case shall be presented. Edgar Mitchell will be among those present, the 6th man to walk on the lunar surface, who has spoken with us about the possibility that we are being visited, a man with access to the most confidential files, one who has spoken with the most important world figures. More details will be made known briefly in a press conference before the domestic and international media. The event will be held on [date on screen] so that you may also be a witness, and also form part of history. An extraordinary event!"
Shortly thereafter, researcher Tony Bragalia followed up with an article revisiting the details of the slides narrative and like Maussan, concluded that the slides represent smoking gun evidence of alien beings connected to the Roswell Incident.

From there Maussan held a live press conference which included interviews with Roswell/slides researchers Don Schmitt, Tom Carey and newcomer Adam Dew; astronaut Edgar Mitchell was also interviewed separately.

Additional videos of individual interviews of the players involved would follow, all wrapped up in the hype of the upcoming show which will reveal the alien slides, i.e., smoking gun evidence as claimed by Maussan.

In the middle of all of this, (new comer) Adam Dew launched his YouTube channel, with a premiere of his upcoming documentary (see below) on the slides (entitled, Kodachrome - A Documentary) and the presumed photographers, Bernerd & Hilda Ray. (In an interview with Maussan, Dew details his involvement and in part–states that he is a friend of the current owner of the slides).

Dew is a freelance sports videographer and owner of Dew Media Inc; however, the documentary and YouTube channel are attributed to the new entity, Slidebox Media.

Still showing alleged Roswell Alien Slides from Kodachrome documentary trailer (Credit: Slidebox Media).
Between the Maussan videos and Dew’s documentary, the actual slides are shown in a few instances; to no one’s surprise, stills of the scenes showing the slides have been popping up in various places. Of course, the slides when shown in the video, are at a distance, small and shot at an angle. Nevertheless, some of the renderings (albe them far from pristine) appear to show what the public has been conditioned to deem a Roswell Alien, e.g., small in stature, large head, large eyes etc.

As the various renderings demonstrate, there isn’t much to work with from the get-go, nevertheless we thought we’d try our hand at it here at TUFOC. Above is our example of a still from Adam’s documentary; the image was enlarged, enhanced, reconfigured to the proper perspective (as to look at it straight on) and finally (re)encased in a time relevant, Kodachrome pressboard mount.

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