Thursday, February 05, 2015

ROSWELL ALIEN SLIDES UPDATE: 'Evidence That Will Change History,' Announces Jaime Maussan | VIDEO

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ROSWELL ALIEN SLIDES UPDATE -  'Evidence That Will Change History,' Announces  Jaime Maussan

By Jaime Maussan

      Jaime Maussan: "Important news item: Mexico has been chosen to present an item of evidence that will change history. This coming May 5th at the National Auditorium, some of the most renowned experts in the world will appear before 10,000 spectators [Donald R. Schmitt, Thomas J. Carey, Adam Dew, ]. They have researched what is without the most important case of all time. Evidence from this case shall be presented. Edgar Mitchell will be among those present, the 6th man to walk on the lunar surface, who has spoken with us about the possibility that we are being visited, a man with access to the most confidential files, one who has spoken with the most important world figures. More details will be made known briefly in a press conference before the domestic and international media. The event will be held on [date on screen] so that you may also be a witness, and also form part of history. An extraordinary event!"

* Special Thanks To Scott Corrales for the English translation, per our request.

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