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UFO Activated One of his ICBMs—Twice, Says Former U.S. Air Force Missile Launch Officer

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UFO Activated One of his ICBMs—Twice, says Former U.S. Air Force Missile Launch Officer

By Robert Hastings

     Since 1973, I have interviewed more than 150 U.S. military veterans regarding their involvement in, or knowledge of, UFO incursions at nuclear weapons facilities. Those who have read my book, UFOs and Nukes, know that 98% of my sources are identified by name in it.

Recently, however, I spoke with a former U.S. Air Force Captain, who wishes to remain anonymous for now, who related his participation in a very dramatic incident at Malmstrom AFB in 1974, involving the activation of the countdown sequence in one of his Minuteman-II missiles—twice—apparently by a UFO hovering over it.

I possess this individual’s DD214, or service record, which verifies his nuclear missile launch officer status, at that base, during that year.

He told me, “This incident occurred sometime Between 01 Jan 74 and 30 Jun 74, and my best guess is in the March time-frame. I know this because of who my crew commander was during the event, and this is the time I was crewed with him.”

He continued:
I was at Malmstrom AFB Montana, a member of the 564th Strategic Missile Squadron, and that night I was on alert at Romeo Flight. The missile that activated was at Launch Facility Romeo-29.

It happened during the first shift of a 40-hour alert—I'd say between 20:00 and 22:00 hours (8:00 pm and 10:00 pm). There was no [missile] maintenance activity going on at the time, and I don't recall anything else out of the ordinary.

The event lasted more than 30 minutes but probably less than 90 minutes. There was a situation with Outer and Inner alarms going off. Outer means the security fence has been penetrated somehow; Inner means the missile silo itself has been compromised in some manner.

A Security Alert Team was dispatched. Upon arrival, the team reported a large self-illuminated object hovering over the Launch Facility. The light was so bright that the shape of the craft could not be determined.

Suddenly, [down in the launch control capsule], a launch enable / inhibit / no-go shutdown event took place. In other words, the missile went into countdown mode and was preparing to launch! I quickly flipped the Inhibit switch, which disrupted the missile-enabled status. Then we got a no-go shut down, which is what is supposed to happen. The launch system was offline.

This was extremely unnerving. I mean, that missile had been preparing to launch. I later learned where it had been targeted—its destination—and it was a major target. I don’t plan to discuss the specifics with you because I don’t want that information made public. Meanwhile, as all of that was happening, the Security Alert Team at the site indicated that the UFO was still hovering over it.

Just as my missile commander and I were collecting our wits and wondering what all of this was about—the object, the launch enable—we got a spontaneous restart, which shouldn’t have been possible after the no-go shutdown. Then [on our consoles] there came another launch enable, followed by another inhibit procedure—which didn’t work!

Now we were panicking. We watched the read-outs which proceeded to launch-commanded, launch-in-process, and all the way through missile-away! In other words, as far as we knew, the missile had left the launch facility and was heading to its target. We couldn’t believe it!

My commander quickly called the SAT team and asked whether the missile was airborne. They said, ‘No sir.’ So, in reality, the missile-away code was false and the missile was still in the ground. Then we finally got another no-go shutdown code.

Shortly after that, the team said that the UFO had left, straight up, at high speed. There was no noise. They also reported observing an F-106 interceptor flying in the squadron area and then unsuccessfully trying to intercept the object.

After-the-fact, it was learned that the object was tracked by weapons controllers in the 24th NORAD Region SAGE Center at Malmstrom AFB. They recounted that they could see the object on radar as well as the F-106's unsuccessful attempts to intercept it.

We also later learned that all of the ground electronics in the launch facility were ‘fried’ as though the system had been destroyed by a massive electrical surge.
The former launch officer continued, “Finally, a couple of years later, when I was stationed at NORAD headquarters in Colorado Springs, as a public information officer—an assignment I didn’t ask for or want—I was in the ‘approval-loop’ for an FOIA request about this incident.”

He concluded, “I was surprised that part of the information which was being provided in response to the request was my crew log, with all of my handwritten notes, although much of the relevant information had been redacted. This means that NORAD was the apparent destination, at least one of them, for paperwork related to the incident.”

Two other former USAF Minuteman missile launch officers, Captains David Schuur and Larry Manross, had previously discussed with me their own involvement in very similar incidents at Minot AFB, North Dakota, in the late 1960s.

Moreover, documents smuggled out of Russia by television investigative reporter George Knapp confirm that one such incident—a UFO-initiated, temporary missile activation-for-launch—occurred at an ICBM base in Soviet Ukraine, on October 4, 1982.

Consequently, in addition to the now-widely publicized UFO-related missile shutdown incidents—such as the Echo and Oscar Flight incidents at Malmstrom AFB, Montana, in March 1967—we now have a steadily increasing number of ICBM activations being reported by former missile launch officers—on both sides of the ocean. Predictably, both Washington and Moscow remain silent about these dramatic and perhaps ominous disclosures.

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