Friday, November 21, 2014

Mysterious Burst of Light over Russia Leaves Scientists, Locals Guessing

Mysterious Burst of Light over Russia Leaves Scientists, Locals Guessing

By Fred Weir
On Friday evening, a yellow flash filled the skies over Russia's sparsely populated Urals region. Was it a meteor? A rocket launch? No one seems to know.

      Moscow — An enormous and as yet totally unexplained fireball eclipsed the skies for more than 10 seconds over Russia's sparsely populated Urals region last Friday – and news of the incident is only now trickling out.

Several locals posted YouTube videos taken from dashcams and smartphones, showing an apparently soundless, bright orange sunburst-like explosion erupting behind evening cloud cover near the town of Rezh, in Sverdlovsk region, about 930 miles east of Moscow. Russian media inquiries to emergency services, the military, and academic astronomers have yielded a host of theories but no hard answers as to the cause of the blast.

According to the E1.Ru news portal in Yekaterinburg, Russian military sources deny having anything to do with the blast . . ..

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