Tuesday, September 23, 2014

UFOs Photographed Over Seattle, Washington | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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UFOs Photographed Over Seattle, Washington 9-21-14

UFOs Photographed Over Seattle, Washington

By Josiah Moore
The UFO Chronicles

     6:15 am watched 3 glowing objects in sky hover motionless for 45 minutes in the eastern sky from seattle, wa. After some time the objects merged into one large object that remained motionless in the eastern sky. Upon stopping the car and trying to take pics/vids of the objects with several other passerbys this was all I was able to catch. . . .


  1. Could this photo be any more blatantly a "sun dog" in the lens?

  2. My husband and I have filmed these orange lights in the sky a lot, especially over the months back in 2013 - I have numerous footage of them, and they behave very strangely, often dimming out completely then reappearing again. I have one that moves very strangely, almost exploding with light. We live in WA and the lights are over Dyes Inlet Silverdale, some times in the direction of Seattle, but closer to us.

  3. McCoy the irony is these 3 objects merged into 1 and military planes were buzzing the area... furthermore my father who lives further north caught a picture of the object about 2 hours later while walking his dog and its clearly a craft tetrahedral shape with lights on the corners. im trying to get him to post it but hes worried about copyright issues... I say spread the truth. I can assure you the objects were not "sun dogs" thanks for your opinion though

  4. zoe I would love to see some of your footage... they appeared to be over the cascades more towards eastern wa. I know more people have footage im surprised it isn't making the local news etc. for as long as they were there slowly moving to and fro etc. at one point the one that was lower was long and tubular shaped. all I know is there was some strange things in the sky that morning

  5. I seen the same lights in the same area just a few days ago 9-16-2015. Did anyone else see these lights?


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