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More False Claims About Majestic 12

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More False Claims About Majestic 12

More False Claims About Majestic 12

By Stanton Friedman
The UFO Chronicles
© 9-21-14

     Because I had to spend a week in the hospital after my June 27 heart attack, without a computer, and because Fredericton was without power , phone service, or the internet for a week after I returned home,(Tropical storm Arthur knocked down 4000 trees in Fredericton) . I didn’t get caught up for some time. Finally I just read the June 30 UFO Chronicles piece by Dr. Kevin Randle. Some corrections are definitely in order.
1. Kevin claims the July 14, 1954, Cutler Twining memo “was signed by Robert Cutler” and then says “The original had been signed with a”/s/” notation”. Both are clearly false claims as can be seen by looking at what was posted by Kevin. If either had been true, the CT memo would have been a fraud as we learned much later that Cutler was out of the country on that date. Kevin repeats many false claims made by the archives though I have noted them. They claimed that the unusual Security classification TOP SECRET RESTRICTED wasn’t used by the Eisenhower administration. However,as I have published the GAO noted in their 400 page report about the documents they looked through, trying to find useful Roswell documents, that they had seen a number of examples of TSR even though they had been told that it was not used. As one can see from the printed copy there is a slant red pencil marking through the TSR. I asked and found and reported that it is used by a declassifier when a document is to be declassified. How could a forger know that? And why would a forger use a very unusual classification marking?

2. I had contacted the Truman Library years ago to see if they knew of staff members who were still alive. They mentioned Truman Aide George Elsey who was at the White House all the time Truman was. I located him and asked if I could send some questionable documents from that era and then call him a few weeks later. He said YES. I suddenly realized, just before calling him, that if he knew anything, he couldn’t tell me, so I carefully worded my questions. I didn’t ask if the documents were genuine, but if he saw any reason to think they were fraudulent. NO. I told him that I had checked at the Ike Library and found that Ike had met at 2:30 PM on July 14, 1954, with James Lay the Executive Secretary of the National Security Council and that there had been a telephone conversation between the two after 4:30 that day, so I thought Lay might have prepared the memo as Cutler had left instructions for Lay and an assistant to keep things moving out of his in-basket while he was gone. He told me that Lay and Cutler sat next to each other at NSC meetings and that they each got copies of the other’s paperwork and that, of course Lay would have prepared a simple note about a simple change in time for a meeting. I asked if he had any “inside” information that if something like Roswell had happened, that Truman would NOT have named any of the MJ-12 members. NO.

3. I asked about the Truman Forrestal memo and could it have been typed elsewhere than at the White House. He stated that almost all the items the president signed were prepared elsewhere. I mentioned the period after the date and noted that Bush’s office always used a period after the date. He said Truman certainly trusted Bush and Forrestal. I noted the different type face for the “24,1947”, compared to that for September. He noted that often the date wasn’t added until the right date meaning documents had to be placed in a typewriter a second time and so the numbers might not line up with the month. In sending copies of documents done with the Pica type (that Phil Klass didn’t like) to him to collect the $1000,due from him because I found more than 10 Pica type documents meeting his criteria, different type faces used for the day and the month were sometimes found, proving double typewriter insertion.

4. Questions were raised about the planting of the CT memo in Box 189. I had checked with the national archives and was told that Box 189 was first handled within a month of the death of the last surviving MJ-12 member, Dr. Jerome Hunsaker (1886-1984). His obituary appeared in the NY times. Interestingly he was the oldest of the 12 and outlived the next longest survivor by 10 months.. The box was also reviewed shortly before being handled by Moore and Shandera by a 4 man classification review team. But they wouldn’t give me any names. They were allowed, unlike Shandera and Moore, to bring in papers. They also had very high security clearances in order to see anything. If the CT memo was genuine, it could only have been lifted by somebody with a high level clearance.

5. The Archives had claimed that all Cutler’s carbons were done on a specific kind of onionskin paper. While at the Ike library, I noted several other onionskin papers according to their watermarks. The Dictation Onionskin (made by Fox Paper) was made in bid lots only for a relatively short time and was not generally distributed though much was purchased by the government.

6. The Archives noted that there was no NSC meeting listed for July 16,1954. However, the memo only says “The already scheduled White House meeting of July 16”. It does NOT say “NSC meeting”.Many different meetings were held at the White House and sometimes attendees at one would slip out to go briefly to another as I demonstrated.

I believe I have dealt with all other arguments against the legitimacy of the CT, TF and EBD in my books and papers, many of which are referenced in Kevin’s article, including my 296 page, 2005 book, TOP SECRET/MAJIC, and my 106 page, 1990, “Final Report on Operation Majestic 12”. For example, it had been falsely argued by Kevin that calling Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter (The briefing officer of this preliminary briefing) an Admiral (He was only a rear admiral) proved the EBD was a fraud. NONSENSE. It was,(according to 2 archivists) standard practice at the Ike White House to use generic ranks. Ike’s staff secretary General Goodpaster called himself General, but signed his memos Brigadier General and seemed to always use generic ranks when listing military attendees at White House meetings (see memcoms by Goodpaster). Ike used generic ranks. Two archivists told me it was standard practice. Several have objected to the EBD stating that the distance to the Roswell crash site was “approximately 75 miles” proves it was a fraud. MORE NONSENSE. Page 6 of the EBD lists 8 attachments. Attachment 8 “Operation Majestic 12, Maps and Photographs Folio (Extractions)”. Why be more precise if a map is provided? Clearly the EBD was not intended to provide instructions as to how Ike, five years later, should get to the totally featureless crash site which certainly appeared very similar to thousands of square miles of New Mexico.
Sorry Kevin.. Back to the drawing board.

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  1. If the MJ-12 document is genuine, I have a simple question.

    Why in the photos of the document, is the person taking the photos having to hold open the pages of a (at that time) 30 year old report?

    It's always appeared as though the document he's holding was just printed, hence why the pages are difficult to keep open. Try opening 20 pages of a newly printed document and have it stay open.

    Wouldn't a report from the mid 1950's show at least some wear?


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