Saturday, August 30, 2014

UFO Researcher Paul Dean Searches For Truth

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Paul Dean with Docs

UFO Researcher Paul Dean
has Spent Decades Searching For The Truth


     PAUL Dean, 35, from Nunawading, is a senior researcher with Victorian UFO Action, a group dedicated to investigating UFO sightings. He has spent decades searching for the truth about reports of unidentified flying objects.

As told to SARAH MARINOS, this is a SnapShot glimpse into Paul’s extraordinary life:

FROM as far back as I can remember I was always technically and scientifically minded. As a kid growing up in the eastern suburbs, I enjoyed learning about physics, astronomy and aviation.

But when I was 13 a close family member told me something that triggered my lifelong interest in UFOs. He told me about a sighting near Shepparton in 1975.

He was 25 years old then and in the army and as he was driving alone one night he saw a massive white light through the trees ahead.

It looked like a train headlight but as the light rose higher into the sky he thought instead that there must be something like a grain silo ahead with a bright white light on top. As the light rose even higher in the sky he thought it had to be a helicopter with a searchlight, but there was no sound of rotors turning.

He drove underneath this thing and while he knew there was a craft above him — this intensely bright orb — he couldn’t figure out what it was. All of a sudden his whole car lit up and this object shone a light directly on his car. He remembers driving out of there as fast as he could and he stands by that story today.

Around this time I was at my best friend’s house and an item came on the news about the disappearance of the pilot, Frederick Valentich. His small plane left Moorabbin Airport in 1978 and during that flight Valentich radioed air traffic control in Melbourne and reported a craft harassing him.

. . . About four years ago I began to delve even deeper into UFO investigations and I’ve uncovered documents from government agencies around the world that offer some ridiculous explanations for these sightings. . . .

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