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UFO The Size of an Aircraft Carrier Spotted Over New York | UFO CHRONICLE – 1988

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UFO The Size of an Aircraft Carrier Spotted Over New York - 1988

UFO 1988 – A Reddish-Orange Thing, the Size of an Aircraft Carrier

By Cheryl Costa
Syracuse Newtimes

     Grace never expected to see a UFO, the size of an aircraft carrier

Grace was working at a TV commercial film shoot in upstate New York. The various crews had just wrapped the shooting for the day. In Grace’s van there were ten members of the crew; everyone was anxious to return to their hotel in Middletown, NY.

While driving on NY State Route 12, most of the crew members on the left side of the van nearly in unison remarked, “What is that?”

In the sky was a reddish-orange object and it continued to get closer and closer to their van. At first none of the folks could really make out what it was they were looking at.

Graces says, “We all agreed it was not a plane or anything else we had ever seen.”

The only thing everyone in the van certainly agreed on was that the object was getting bigger and bigger, and it was getting increasingly darker outside as the sun was setting.

“Some of the folks in the van were on the verge of freaking out,” Grace explained. . . .

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