Saturday, June 07, 2014

Veteran UFO Researcher, Ray Fowler Teaches Class on The Unexplained

Veteran UFO Researcher, Ray Fowler Teaches Class on The Unexplained
Ray Fowler offers courses through Adult Education of the Kennebunks on subjects ranging from astronomy to near-death experiences, at his home studio in Kennebunk.

By Faith Gillman
The Village

     Ray Fowler, 80, is a curious person.

The author of 11 books on subjects ranging from UFOs to alien abductions to the theory of synchronicity, he has spent a lot of time researching what some might say are the “things that go bump in the night.”

Since his childhood, he has been fascinated by unexplained phenomena.

“I guess I’m a bit of a Renaissance man,” said Fowler. “I like to look at everything, and a lot of different things. There is almost too much out there – so much to experience.”

Fowler was born and raised in Massachusetts and is a graduate of Gordon College. He worked for the National Security Agency for a number of years as a cryptographer, which included intercepting Russian communications. Fowler then served in the United States Air Force Security Service for four years. After his military tour, he spent 25 years with Sylvania/GTE Government Systems as a task manager and senior planner for the Minuteman Missile program. . . .


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