Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mystery of The Pink UFOs Explained | VIDEO

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Mystery of The Pink UFOs Explained

Pink UFO strikes again

By Jason McClellan

     Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Someone was browsing on Google Earth when they noticed a pink UFO in the sky.

This has become a common occurrence in recent years, and this indicates that either Earth is being invaded by stylish extraterrestrials, or, the more likely explanation, people continue to be fooled by common lens flare.

The latest pink UFO sighting was discovered in Trout Creek, Montana on Google Earth by a guy in Newfoundland who then informed a guy in Taiwan. Are you following this? So here’s where this particular pink UFO sighting gets a little more bizarre than others. The Google Earth image apparently shows a carefree alien with the top down and the wind in his or her hair.

The individual who claims this discovery is, of course, Scott Waring of the sensationalistic website He posted a video to his YouTube channel to explain how to see this convertible UFO and its driver on Google Earth. He describes in the video’s description:

. . . People all over the world have detected UFOs using Google Earth and the Street View feature of Google Maps practically since the service was launched in 2007. Back in 2012, photo-video analyst Marc D’Antonio told Huffington Post journalist Lee Speigel that he believes these pink UFOs are simply lens flare resulting from the camera’s location in relation to the sun’s position. And that is demonstrated in the following video:

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