Thursday, May 01, 2014

UFO' Photographed Over Mars?

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UFO' Photographed Over Mars?


     UFO hunters claim to have found clear evidence of a UFO flying above the Martian surface.

The image, taken by the NASA Mars rover Curiosity earlier this month, appears to show an object in the sky just above the horizon.

The shape is indistinct, but appears to have an elongated shape with a bright central bulge (see above).

And yes, it does appear on Nasa's website. . . .

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  1. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Interesting. Back in January I was looking at a Mars landscape and I downloaded the image into a simple Windows program. I zoomed in and saw several objects in the distance above horizon, that were otherwise too small to be noticable. I thought that perhaps these were simply stars that could been seen through the mars atmosphere, but having seen this I wonder. Maybe they are stars or planets but if they were I would expect these things to be much more in number. Anyway the image I was looking at was labelled 'Spirit Site 114/0231 (Sol 592-598) Credit NASA / JPL / Cornell / Midnight Planets'.


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