Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tracking Kardashians, UFOs and More – Morgan Spurlock is CNN's Inside Man

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Tracking Kardashians, UFOs and More – Morgan Spurlock is CNN's Inside Man

By Michael Logan

. . . TV Guide Magazine: What's not crazy is your UFO show [May 18]. You watch the skies with a bunch of flying-saucer buffs in Arizona and that easily could have gone off the rails. Instead, you take a very respectful, sober approach to people who might otherwise be a laughingstock. And no one's wearing a tin foil hat!

Spurlock: Sure, we could have gone for the goofball comedy, but there's a larger conversation to be had here and we went for those people. As far as I'm concerned, those who believe that we are the only life form existing in the universe are the ones who are crazy. The possibility that we're alone is slim and improbable. It's very easy to turn that discussion into a kookfest. Those are the people who dominate the airwaves. But there are some really credible people who seek the truth and we go out and find them. . . .


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