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Enormous UFO Triangle Reported by Two Ex-Military Men

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Enormous UFO Triangle Reported by Two Ex-Military Men 11-19-13

By Alejandro Rojas

     ... A large triangular shaped object was observed by two well qualified witnesses. One was an aircraft technician in the Army with a military intelligence background and the other was an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force. They both had 38 years experience.

Enormous UFO Triangle Reported by Two Ex-Military Men (Rear View) 11-19-13
On November 19th 2013 at 6:20pm they both observed a huge triangular flying object that flew about 500 ft above them moving roughly from North to South. It was past dusk and was a fairly clear night. They both said that the object had a wing span larger than a C-5A cargo plane. The object flew slowly at 10 – 15 knots (12-17 mph) and silently with no noise. The rear of the object displayed a row of white pulsing lights. As it moved away a very small drone like object was noticed flying alongside on the left. When the object got further out it banked to the Southeast allowing them to see clearly the triangular shape of the object....

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