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Witness Saw 'Two Beings' in UFO Craft | UFO CHRONICLE – 1970

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Beings Seen in Craft - June, 1970  East Aurora, New York

1970 UFO – Two Beings in the Cockpit

By Cheryl Costa

      It was twilight on a warm Sunday evening in mid-June 1970 in East Aurora, NY.

Patrick’s mom and sister were fussing with something in the garage, but eleven year old Patrick didn’t care about that. He was blissfully involved with shooting baskets in the driveway before bedtime.

He was dribbling back to his shooting position when he noticed an odd light coming toward him. His first impression was that it was just a low flying airplane or maybe a helicopter. He thought to himself, that’s no big deal.

He shot another basket retrieved his ball and while returning to position he glanced back at the bright object. That’s when he realized that this thing wasn’t making any sort of noise; this puzzled him. He kept watching the object as it slowly and silently flew over the tops of the neighborhood’s tall maple trees.

Adult Patrick recounts to us “that he sort of felt helpless.” He just stood there and stared at this thing as it silently glided over the tree tops toward him. When the object got to within a football field length from him he was able to make out that it was spherical in shape and had a yellowish color but not glowing. As the object hovered at tree top level a mere few houses away he was able to make out a “cockpit.”

“That’s when I saw them!” Patrick said. He clearly saw two occupants silhouetted by the cockpit light. He tells us “the being on the right was apparently standing up; arms spread apart apparently standing at a control panel.” Then he clearly remembers, “The other occupant was sitting down, as I could only see its shoulders and head.” He could make out that the beings had round looking heads and slim bodies.

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