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"Flying Saucers [UFOs] ... are Interplanetary Devices" | Jackie Gleason and The Letter

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Flying Saucers UFOs] ... are Interplanetary Devices Jackie Gleason and The Letter

By Grant Cameron
This is an interview between Jackie Gleason and Jack who was a guest host on the New York WOR Long John Nebel Radio show November the 16th 1958. Gleason was well known for his interest in UFOs. In the 1980s a story was circulated by Gleason's second wife that he was shown alien bodies by then President Richard Nixon.

Gleason: I got this letter unsolicited and it came from a group (8) of atomic scientists and physicists.

Jack: Could you name the scientist?

Gleason: I can't and let me tell you why I can't. They are still in government employ.

Jack: What does that mean?

Gleason: Well that means they're under security provisions

Jack: What do you mean security provisions if there's a flying saucer there's nothing there reviewing?

Gleason: We're supposed to believe the official dispensation from the Air Force. We're supposed to believe that he's flying saucers are a matter of great national concern then I love the same outfit tells us they don't exist. At the same time they tell us that they do come out of the security provisions and they have several regulations that forbid that forbid government and military from even talking about the.

Jack: But these aren't government officials? You can talk about it?

Gleason: Yes I can talk about it. I can't reveal the identity of these fellows . You know what I did with Willie Ley (rocket scientist) one night on a show called “The author meets the critic”. This was several years ago . Really with giving Donald Keyhoe and myself a hard time and I asked him if I could show him a letter and show him who signed it and where it came from and whether he would let me read one sentence which is all I was permitted to read publicly. I showed him the letterhead and his jaw dropped open. I showed him the signature and it dropped open a little more. And the sentence said quote after 6 years of studying the material in connection with these so called flying saucers we are of the unanimous opinion that these are interplanetary devices conceived and operated by intelligent beings of a very high order."

Jack: Now was that letter signed by very important men in the government?

Gleason: Yes It was signed by an important physicist.

Jack: Are these men that would have been in contact with the president?

Gleason: No, no I wouldn't think so.

Jack: So then they weren't big personages?

Gleason: No they weren't top flight men but they were men who evidently had a lot of ability.

Jack: Were they connected with the government?

Gleason: Well they were connected with an atomic enterprise

Jack: But not with the government?

Gleason: Well I don't know but they were analyzing stuff for the government. I wouldn't say that they were actually career man or anything like that, no, but they were hired to do a job.

Jack: Why should then that be a surprise if some kind of scientists or men attached to the atomic research , a private research organization - why should his drop jaw drop open when they stay there are flying saucers?

Gleason: I think he was surprised at first when he recognized the scientist’s name and his standing.

Jack: That he was on the government team?

Gleason: Well he may have been . I don't know exactly what his relationship would have been except that I would be glad to show you the letter sometime. You could figure it out from there.

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  1. imagine that for, perhaps, 200 thousand dollars, a person could buy a flying saucer that could reach mars with enough supplies and energy to last a number of years and give the chance of long term survival there....how many people would leave immediately?


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