Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mystery Object Spotted On Google Moon | VIDEO

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Mystery Object Spotted On Google Moon

Mystery Moon Object Spotted On Google Moon Has Everyone Baffled

By Huffington Post UK

     In amongst the random, crater strewn landscape of the Moon, it certainly stands out.

Something that appears to be a triangular object with seven dots perfectly aligned in a triangle has been spotted on Google Moon.

But what is it? It's roughly 125 by 90 metres in size.

The person that spotted it, YouTube user WowForReeel, asks: "Is is just a weird looking crater? or is it something else?

"It is really there, not faked and I have no clue what it is. I found nothing else like it in any of the other craters."

The website Tech and Gadget News describes it as much to regular to be a normal crater.

They said: "[It} is too symmetrical to be a random, topographical structure caused by even the minimal erosion typical of the lunar landscape.

"The gigantic shape actually looks like the leading edge of an immense, triangular space ship, similar to, so far, super secret Stealth aircraft technology, but is much larger than any airplane ever built on Earth." . . .


  1. When bullshit hits the airwaves everybody gets splattered! Splattering is going on right now with this article. It's here, it's on YouTube and it's catching fire. In the meantime, I discovered this anomaly last year or the year before and it was discussed in Above Top Secret's UFO Forum. Search for my name "The Shrike".

    1. Dead right you are, I don't know how it is that people believe that surfing google earth or google moon means anything at all!

    2. Black items like that with the pixelated "square" features always make me think it's some digital anomaly or something. Seems like a colossal square-edged hole wouldn't really serve a purpose. Not so thrilling.

  2. disinfo+true=

    Hard to tell.

    Have to use divine perception to see it,

  3. Pretty sure that a breakaway civilization, OR the Annunaki, wouldn't be dumb enough to put a base on the side of the moon perpetually visible to Earth.

    Guessing that its a natural phenomenon and its just our eyes seeing patterns and what we want to be relevant geometry.

  4. One of many curious lunar anomalies.

  5. There are 80 million gun owners in USA yes 80 million let alone the rest of the fire arms around the world , Dont you think by now at least one little Grey / Green creature would be laying dead on some ones front lawn / back yard ? Just wondered .


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