Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mystery Object Has Newsroom Baffled; 'Not Moon,' says Meteorologist | VIDEO

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Mystery Object Has Newsroom Baffled; 'Not Moon,' says Meteorologist


"A point of light in the Sacramento sky raised some questions for its crescent shape just before sunrise -- and it wasn't the moon". Dirk Verdoorn explains.

Partial Transcript

   We are back. It is a celestial rock in space, if you will. Dirk, what is it? Is it a planet? Is it the milling? We have been searching for you in the newsroom to find out. That is interesting. Is it the moon? I don't know. You would have to back up to really see. At that looks like a point of light. If it is close to the sun and the sun is coming up, it is more than likely -- it is close. But it is not a planet because it is not twinkling. no, I would say that is not a planet. That cannot be Saturn unless there is an eclipse going on. it could only be Saturn if there was a chunk taken out of it. The only thing I've seen like that with a chunk taken out is the moon. The only other planet that I have seen that you could see that has a chunk taken out of it like that would be Venus. these are the kinds of conversations you will stumble into. . . .


  1. Wow, hope they find out what this is. Interesting.

  2. Did anyone notice to the right of the news cast logos, the faint alien head with an large eye looking back at the viewer?


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