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Video Shows Erratic Movements of UFO; Former Police Detective Investigates (UK) | VIDEO

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UFO Filmed Over Leeds Morrisons 11-24-13

UFO Filmed Over Leeds Morrisons (Close-Up) 11-24-13

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

     Yet another video and subsequent news article has surfaced from our British cousins, purporting to show a UFO exhibiting erratic flight behavior over Bramley, a suburb of Leeds.

According to the article the video was filmed by a local resident (female), using her cell phone camera while she waited for a train on November 24th (2013).

The footage of said UFO was presented to researcher/editor UFO Truth Magazine and former police detective Gary Heseltine. He has launched an investigation.

The video above is apparently just a snippet supplied by Heseltine as he reports that the object was observed for ten minutes.

On cursory examination, Heseltine has ruled out conventional objects, e.g., aircraft, astronomical bodies etc., and correctly declared, “Further analysis was needed.”

There was no mention of CGI, which brings up some curious anomalies in the video: Upon close examination, when the object appears to go behind a light pole (viewing at normal speed), there seems to be a “stutter” or non-fluid movement. Moreover, in magnifying a frame of the video (see below) as it appears to fly behind the light pole (at normal speed), it in fact is shown in front of the said pole—an easy mistake to make, assuming the video is CGI.

Conversely, it is possible for an extremely out of focus (moving) object in close proximity to the camera to appear to go behind a static in focus object—a photographic anomaly. (See Marc D'Antonio's Tether Report). In this instance however, both the street light and object are in the distance and in good relative focus.

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