Monday, December 30, 2013

UFOs Spotted Over Essex (UK)

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UFOs Spotted Over Essex 12-20-13

By JoeSturdy
Essex Chronicle

     FOUR insect-shaped UFOs that were seen weaving close to each other and speeding through Essex skies earlier this month left a man with a “pounding heart”.

The sighting, which was posted on a UFology website, occurred on December 20 at 6.40am and was witnessed by Michael Kay in Southend.

He wrote: “On Friday morning at approximately 6.40am, I witness (sic) four UFO’s (sic).

“I was looking out my back door window when I saw an object about the size of a Harrier jet travelling from west to east. It was still quite dark but it was starting to get light. Good visibility with a clear sky.

“I was admiring the stars and managed to spot a satellite going over head. After a couple of minutes I spotted and (sic) object to the east. The object was moving approximately 1500-3000 miles plus an hour. It was fast and gone within five seconds. I estimate 10,000/20’000 miles above ground.

“It had four dull amber lights quite equal in distance. As you looked at it, it almost looked like some sort of insect more square shaped. . . .

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