Wednesday, December 11, 2013

UFOs Captured On Night-Vision Video Camera Over Phoenix | VIDEO

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UFOs Captured On Night-Vision Video Camera Over Phoenix | VIDEO

Alejandro Rojas By Alejandro Rojas

     Ben Hansen, host of the SyFy channel’s Fact or Faked Paranormal Files, hosted a sky watch with advanced night vision equipment for the Phoenix area Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and captured some interesting video of two curious objects.

The Phoenix area chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) holds sky watches after many of their meeting in the nearby Superstition Mountains. On November 16, 2013, Hansen was the guest lecturer for their monthly meeting. He joined the group, as did I, for the sky watch. Fortunately, Hansen owns a night vision company called Night Vision Ops. He brought along some great equipment for everyone to try out.

During the sky watch two lights were spotted that could not be seen with the naked eye. Hansen was able to track the lights and record them on HD video. I was also tracking the objects with another of Hansen’s night vision devices. . . .


  1. I believe these too be real. My husband and I see these up with the stars all the timer. Some going in different directions. The ones we see are so high up that they can't be planes. When they circle each other and then sped off that's when you really know.

  2. I highly recommend that people who are interested in this phenomenon find a partner with the same 3rd generation optics and camera setup. Using identical equipment placed at a known distance apart would permit the use of stereogrammetry – the measurement of size, distance and speed via stereographic cameras placed at larger than normal distances apart. Starting with about 10 feet apart, equip each system with a laser pointer pointed at the camera’s infinity, one mounted on the left side of the camera, and one mounted on the right side. Have the laser pointers on the side closest to the other camera. To align the cameras, the operators just seek out each other’s laser beam; the cameras are aligned when the beams touch at the vanishing point. From this arrangement a 3D movie can be made which would allow visualization of the objects relative to the motionless starfield (infinity). With some daylight calibrations using cars, airplanes or buildings, the size of these objects can be deduced by how different the left and right images are. It is simple geometry.


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