Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Textile Mills To UFO Abductions: 'Marking History' In New Hampshire

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Textile Mills To UFO Abductions: 'Marking History' In New Hampshire


     When you’re just driving by, they all look pretty much the same.

“The green and white markers everyone sees around our highways; to mark important events, important people, important things about New Hampshire.”

But Elizabeth Muzzey, who directs the state’s Division of Historical resources, says when you look a little closer, you find each of the state’s 236 historical markers tells a unique story. . . .

. . . There’s even one in Lincoln marking a reported UFO abduction. . . .

The Betty and Barney Hill incident in Lincoln is marker number 224.

As the story goes, they experienced a close encounter in September of 1961, losing two hours of time while driving south on Route 3.

According to the marker, it was the first widely reported UFO abduction in the country.

Muzzey says that particular marker presented a bit of a challenge.
“It certainly kicked off a widespread late 20th century interest in UFOs and is there life elsewhere in the universe. So what Barney and Betty Hill did was historically important. We’re just not saying for sure…exactly what happened.”

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