Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Near Mid-Air Collision with UFO Spurs 'Official Investigation & Report'

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Near Miss with UFO Spurs 'Official Investigation'

By UK Airprox Board

Editor's Note: On July 19th of this year (2013) Airbus A320 narrowly avoided a midair collision with an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), according to its Captain and post investigative report.

The Captain/pilot stated that he was looking to the west and upon returning his gaze to the forward position he witnessed an object heading straight toward his aircraft. The event was so dire that his knee-jerk reaction was to literally "duck to the right and reach over to alert the First Officer (FO)” as he felt a collision was imminent.

Thankfully the collision didn't take place; however the Captain/pilot reported that it was indeed a close-call. He described the object as a "cigar/rugby ball in shaped, bright silver and metallic in construction.”

In the report (below) the authorities investigating the event eliminated conventional objects and other aircraft and the object, whatever it was—remains unidentified.–FW

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UFO Collision 7-19-13 (Airprox report pg 1)

UFO Collision 7-19-13 (Airprox report pg 2)

UFO Collision 7-19-13 (Airprox report pg 3)

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