Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fossil Find Rewrites Timeline Of Human Evolution

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Fossil Find Rewrites Timeline Of Human Evolution

Human Hand Fossil Suggests Complex
Tool-Making Began Far Earlier Than Thought

By Charles Q. Choi
The Huffington Post

      The discovery of a 1.4-million-year-old hand-bone fossil reveals that the modern human ability to make and use complex tools may have originated far earlier than scientists previously thought, researchers say.

A critical trait that distinguishes modern humans from all other species alive today is the ability to make complex tools. It's not just the extraordinarily powerful human brain, but also the human hand, that gives humans this unique ability. In contrast, apes — humans' closest living relatives — lack a powerful and precise enough grip to create and use complex tools effectively.

A key anatomical feature of the modern human hand is the third metacarpal, a bone in the palm that connects the middle finger to the wrist.

"There's a little projection of bone in the third metacarpal known as a "styloid process" that we need for tools," said study lead author Carol Ward, an anatomist and paleoanthropologist at the University of Missouri."This tiny bit of bone in the palm of the hand helps the metacarpal lock into the wrist, helping the thumb and fingers apply greater amounts of pressure to the wrist and palm. It's part of a whole complex of features that allows us the dexterity and strength to make and use complex tools." . . .

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  1. "There's a little projection of bone in the third metacarpal known as a "styloid process" that we need for tools".

    Guys with no arms play guitars with their feet.
    Birds use their beaks t'twist wires t'hook thing ups from deep narrow apertures.
    Hendrix used his teeth t'play guitar.
    Others've used their teeth to paint pictures.

    Where there's a will there's a way.

    Such archaeological finds though're good for stretchin' the mental knicker elastic o' those who find it difficult t'conceive our ancestors could've been as smart as us never mind smarter.


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