Sunday, November 10, 2013

Whither UFO-Alien-Abduction Research?

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By Larry W. Bryant

      Note: If there be anything essential to one’s becoming a seasoned UFOlogist, it’s that (s)he ought not to relegate the UFO-alien-abduction experience to a marginalized status of inquiry, analysis, and tracking.–LWB

Indeed, it comforts me to see seasoned UFOlogist Billy Booth’s blog "UFO Casebook" cataloging accounts of the Ultimate Close Encounter — e.g., the case summarized at Alien Abduction Experience of Carolyn Z. This first-person narrative can serve as a primer for those just entering the ranks of UFOlogical scholarship; it also offers veteran abductionologists a mini-refresher course in their specialty. Its prose traces an Alabama mother’s frustrative coping with abduction encounters that have included some of her children.

COPING … that word was uppermost in my mind when I created, on Nov. 7, 2013, an online petition titled “Bring Justice for Victims of UFO-Alien Abduction!” at During the crafting of this petition (now hosted by the web site of, I was asked by the formatting instructions: ”Why are you starting this petition?” My answer: ”This petition aims to empower the citizenry’s quest for official answers to the worldwide problem of UFO-alien abduction. It thereby can help us mitigate (and cope with) the threat to public safety posed by this criminality.”

The petition’s text concludes by referring to the latest installment of my series of UFO-cover-up-whistleblower solicitation ads, now posted at under the title “Blow the Whistle on the Government Cover-up of the UFO-Alien Abduction Experience!”. When I added my own signature to the petition, I supplemented it with this comment: ”UFO-alien abductees who’ve yet to put summaries of their accounts on public record might find this comments block suitable for their doing so now — and thus act as a force multiplier for others to come forward as well.”

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