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UFOs : What Does the President Know? (Pt 2)

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UFOs : What Does the President Know? (Pt 2)

By Grant Cameron

June 27, 1981 - Reagan and Spielberg just before ET screening.
June 27, 1981 - Reagan and Spielberg just before ET screening.
     The idea that the president has not been in charge of the UFO situation since Eisenhower is inconsistent with the statement made by Steven Spielberg relating the statement that President Ronald Reagan made following a screening of “ET: The Extraterrestrial” at the White House on June 27, 1981. According to Spielberg Reagan stood up in front of 39 people there to see the movie and without smiling made the following revelation, “'I wanted to thank you (Spielberg) for bringing E.T. to the White House. We really enjoyed your movie. There are a number of people in this room who know that everything on that screen is absolutely true.”[20]

This statement hints that Reagan was given the Top Secret UFO briefing and that a number of people around his administration knew what was going on as well.

One of the people in the ET screening was George Bush Sr. who may have been one of the people Reagan was referring to as being in the know. As I mentioned above Bush told a researcher that he had seen the filming of aliens landing at Holloman AFB.

Another piece of evidence that shows he knew came when Bush was running for president in 1988. During one event in Rogers, Arkansas he was captured on audio tape by UFO saying he knew a fair bit about UFOs. The comment came when researcher Charles Huffer asked him if he would release the UFO secret if elected.

Bush replied that he would and added that Huffer should send him what he had on the subject to which Huffer challenged Bush saying “You were a CIA man. You know all that stuff.” At that point Bush replied, “I know some I know a fair amount".[21]

As Bush appeared to know the UFO secrets and had nowhere near the qualifications of Eisenhower, it adds weight to the idea that Eisenhower and every other president are in the UFO loop.

It was in the Clinton Administration that most of the stories of the president not knowing came from. Most of these stories were reported by Dr. Steven Greer and included 1) Clinton’s first CIA Director James Woolsey saying he and the president were not able to get access to the UFO material 2) Clinton reportedly making the statement “I know this is all true, but God damn it, they won't tell me a thing,” after returning in August 1995 from the Rockefeller Ranch where Rockefeller presented his pitch for UFO disclosure. 3) Senior White House reporter Sarah McClendon reporting that Clinton had stated “there was a government within the government” after asking she asked why he was not doing something to disclosure the truth of the UFO story.

Clinton Secretary of State Warren Christopher
Clinton Secretary of State Warren Christopher
Yet there is one story that involved a close involvement by Clinton’s Secretary of State Warren Christopher which points to a direct involvement by the White House with one of the most famous UFO crashes of all times – the January 13,1996 Varginha, Brazil crash. The crash involved the reported recovery of live aliens by the Brazilian military.

The reports of Clinton’s Secretary of State Christopher and NASA Director Daniel S. Goldin appearing in Brazil five weeks after the event. The appearance of the two men was quickly picked up by Brazilian researchers as the Americans coming to get the saucer and aliens.[22] Later reports claimed that the Americans were successful in their mission. . It is not known what the Brazilians got in return except for the promise of a Brazilian flying on the space shuttle. Brazilian Marcos Pontes began his NASA training 17 months later.

If the story is true and there was a deal for the aliens and craft it would clearly show that the government, and not the shadow government, is in control of the most important UFO hardware and ET body evidence. The involvement of Christopher means that his boss Bill Clinton would have been the source of his mission to Brazil and the final report coming back. Clinton, despite his claims of not being told anything, would have been in charge of this key UFO information. It is inconceivable that Christopher would be reporting back to some secret cabal and not Clinton.

The role in the Varginha crash by the State Department also provides strong evidence that the constitution and strict rules are being followed. As Varginha is in a foreign country constitutionally it makes sense that the State Department was reported to be negotiating for the body and hardware on behalf of the United States government. The state department deals with events in foreign countries.

Another key link to the state department implying that the rules are being followed dealing with all the reports in multiple presidential administrations is that any UFO debris recovered in foreign countries was historically handled by the State Department under Project Moon Dust and Blue Fly.

PROJECT MOONDUST - A specialized aspect of the U.S. Air Force’s over-all material of the exploitation program to locate, recover, and deliver descended foreign space vehicles. The designator ‘MOONDUST’ is used in cases involving the examination of non-US space objects and objects of unknown origin.”

OPERATION BLUE FLY – [A unit] to facilitate expeditious delivery to the Foreign Technological Division (FTD) of Moon Dust and other items of great technical intelligence interest.

The key to these programs is that the files of recovered foreign debris were found in state department files and the recovered hardware was moved to the USAF Foreign Technology Division at Wright Patterson for analysis.[23] Both are part of the US government. This indicates that the constitution and government rules on classification, as opposed to a secret non-elected government governing the process.

Colonel Phillip Thompson, deputy assistant chief-of-staff for Intelligence was challenged about the legality of withholding the Moon Dust records. He replied with a statement indicating that the government (and not some secret cabal) did control the files. “It, [Project Moon Dust] has been replaced by another name that is not releasable. FTD’s [Foreign Technology Division, headquartered at Wright-Patterson] duties are listed in a classified passage in a classified regulation that is being withheld because it is currently and properly classified.”[24]

Cheney - "If I had been briefed on it, it would probably be classified and I wouldn't talk about it."
Cheney - "If I had been briefed on it, it would probably be classified and I wouldn't talk about it."
Then there is the story of Vice-president Dick Cheney. Cheney was one of the most powerful person in American politics. He had five terms as a congressman from Wyoming, Chief of Staff to President Ford, Secretary of Defense under George Bush Sr., and vice-president for 8 years under George Bush Jr. Within the UFO community Cheney had been rumored to be part of the mysterious MJ-12 control group that was rumored to be the real government power in control of UFOs.

In April 2001, just after entering the White House, Cheney faced my question of whether or not he had been read-in on the true Top Secret UFO information. I asked him the briefing question saying, Mr. Cheney, in all your jobs in government, have you ever been briefed on the subject of UFOs, if so when was it, and what were you told?"

Cheney paused and then gave a reply that seemed my more in line with a government policy than a secret cabal working in complete secrecy. Cheney made reference to classification which would explain why every president is in the secrecy box for life once he is given the real "UFO Briefing."

"If I had been briefed on it," Cheney replied, I'm sure it was probably classified and I wouldn't talk about it."

The final evidence that indicates the UFO material is controlled by the government comes from the Obama administration. In fact President Obama who made some of the most revealing statements that the president may in fact be in charge of the UFO subject as the constitution has mandated.

Obama in Roswell - "We'll Keep our Secrets Here"
Obama in Roswell - "We'll Keep our Secrets Here"
Obama is the most important president to compare to Eisenhower because he did not even serve in the military let alone become a war hero. Obama is considered the most left wing politician that has ever been in the White House. Many think he was not even born in the country, and is therefore not even qualified to be president. These things would make it unlikely that the most highly classified secret in the country would be shared with him. If Obama was given the Top Secret UFO briefing then it is absolutely guaranteed that all the presidents were told.

The first statement made by Obama indicating that he is aware and in charge came during a March 21, 2012 trip to Roswell New Mexico Obama made the following opening statement,

We had landed in Roswell. I announced to people when I landed that I had come in peace. (Laughter) Let me tell you – there are more nine and ten year old boys around the country when I meet them – they ask me, “Have you been to Roswell and is it true what they say? And I tell them, ‘If I told you I would have to kill you.’ So their eyes get all big…so…we’re going to keep our secrets here.[25]

In light of a November 7, 2011 statement by the Obama White House that there is no “ET presence” on earth and “no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye,”[26] the immediate question that pops up is what secrets is Obama referring to? If the president is out of the loop in the UFO chain of command (as is interpreted by some from the Eisenhower speech) what Roswell secret is Obama claiming he will keep secret?

The Obama Roswell statement made makes it very clear that Obama knows the Roswell ET crash story, and is willing to joke about it. His straight faced statement that “we will keep our secrets here” indicated that he and other people intend to keep the classified Roswell story details from the public.

The second incident that indicates Obama is in the know happened during a tour of the White House by Men in Black actor Will Smith and his family. When Will’s son Jaden learned that he would be going to the White House he told his dad that he would like to ask the president about “ the aliens.” Will stated that he didn’t want Jaden asking the president about this.

Jaden, however, was determined, and was about to ask the president about it and prepared to ask the question when the tour arrived at the situation room which is the center of power and secrecy in the White House. Before he could ask the question Obama cut him off saying, “Don’t tell me. The aliens, right? OK, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extra-terrestrials but I can tell you if there had been a top secret meeting and if there would have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room.”[27]

The statement is hardly what one would expect Obama to volunteer if he was locked out of the UFO story.

In conclusion it appears that there is a good chance that the president is at the top of the UFO flow chart as was shown in a 1988 documentary called “UFOs, It Has Begun.” A top level agent of the CIA sat through the entire production so the documentary appears to be a controlled leak of information to the public about the UFO subject.

If UFOs are an unacknowledged special access program (USAP) as was indicated in a November 1950 Top Secret memo written by the Canadians after questions to officials in the United States about what the truth was about flying saucers, then this is what would be expected. Those read into a USAP program could not even acknowledge that such a program exists because even the existence of the program is classified.

The idea of the president being out of the chain of command and simply a puppet for a government with no real power may just be disinformation. The plan might simply be to avoid the president perjuring himself on the subject or taking questions. These questions might include why has the government lied for almost 70 years, how many people were killed to keep the secret, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, and what is he doing to stop the alien intrusions. The president is limited to joking references to the subject because the major media considers it a joke and will not then ask a series question. Meanwhile, the President and others scramble behind the scenes to find answers to what is going on and develop advanced military technologies from their discoveries.

It appears to all comes down to classified vs. unclassified UFO files. It may simply be that the President and those with a “need to know” have access to what the Canadian referred to as the most highly classified subject in the United States. The public is considered outside the circle of those with a need to know. As George Bush was rumored to have told president-elect Carter – curiosity is not sufficient need to know.

Postscript: The CIA Connection

Constitutionally it would make sense that the CIA, as the top intelligence unit until the formation of the Director of National Intelligence in 2004, should be the agency that could provide the UFO briefing to the President. If the President was out of the loop we would not expect to see an interaction between the President and the CIA on the subject of UFOs.

There is a lot of evidence that the CIA is providing intelligence briefing to the President on UFOs. Take, for example, the situation that existed in March 1993 when the powerful Laurance Rockefeller made an effort to get President Bill Clinton to disclose the truth about UFOs.

Rockefeller’s White House contact was the President’s Science Advisor Dr. Jack Gibbons. Upon hearing that Rockefeller was coming Gibbons immediately requested a UFO briefing from the CIA which is what would be expected if the rules were being followed and there were no secret second government calling the shot.

The job of providing the UFO briefing was given to Dr. Ron Pandolfi who was described by the New York Times in 1996 as the top scientist in the CIA. In the UFO community Pandolfi was better known as the man who had run “the weird desk” at the CIA since 1983. This weird desk is where all the paranormal and UFO material was dealt with. The man in charge of the weird desk has also always been rumored as the man who briefs the President and the Executive branch on UFOs and other paranormal subjects.

Pandolfi did acknowledge that he received the request for a UFO briefing but handed off the job to a private UFO researcher Dr. Bruce Maccabee. This was done as it was known the Rockefeller story would get out. As the CIA is on the record as not being involved in UFOs, it would be impossible to have the CIA producing a UFO briefing that Rockefeller would tell the world about. The briefing provided by Maccabee became just one citizen’s opinion that had nothing to do with the official government.

According to what Pandolfi told researcher Dr. Steven Greer, after Rockefeller was finished with his briefing of Clinton’s Science Advisor, Pandolfi went in off the record and provided information.

The man rumored to have held the UFO job at the CIA before Pandofli was analyst Dr. Kit Green. Researcher Bill Moore who knew Green well described Kit Green as “a person close to the President of the United States, capable of checking on information to determine its reliability."

Kit Green even made reference to the fact that he had spoken with Presidents about UFOs and indicated that the President was not cleared on the subject. (This is the CIA story that runs counter to the idea that the President is in charge.) Speaking to reporter Gus Russo Green stated, “I have spoken to three former presidents and the subject (UFOs) always comes up, not as a briefing, but they also want to know the truth. But apparently they aren’t cleared for it.”

The big question related to this statement is – if all the Presidents aren’t cleared on UFOs as Green maintains how would they know that Green is the UFO expert inside the CIA? Why would the President ask for information if he has no need to know, and how does an analyst who job is it to provide intelligence to the President turn around and tell the President he can’t tell him? The job of the CIA is to provide intelligence for the President not to keep secrets from him. If they are keeping the UFO secret who are they then reporting this information to and how is that constitutional?

A final related story linking Green, UFOs, and the President is the story of Dr. Eric Walker who is mentioned above. In the late 1980s Moore sent Green to Walker to determine his level of UFO knowledge.

Reportedly, the two had worked together in the past and the conversation went well until the subject of UFOs came up. At that point Walker started to raise his voice and started tt talk towards a pile of books in the corner of the room. “The President didn’t say I have to talk to you,” Walker said in a raised voice. “Did the President say I have to talk to you? I don’t have to talk to you.” At that point Green was asked to leave.

Lundahl on Left with Kennedy
Lundahl on Left with Kennedy
The CIA man in charge of the UFO subject at the CIA before Kit Green was Arthur Lundahl. Lundahl was one of the most powerful people in the CIA. He was the man who went into Kennedy’s office with U-2 photos and briefed Kennedy on the Cuban missile crisis. Lundahl was chosen to do this briefing because he was the Director of one of the most secret departments in the CIA. That unit was the National Photographic Interpretation Center which analyzed all the U-2, SR-71, and later all the spy satellite photos.

According to UFO researcher and former NSA/ASA communications specialist Todd Zechel, “A former CIA colleague states that Lundahl briefed at least three Presidents on another subject he is probably the world’s foremost authority on: UFOs.”

A second Lundahl story that indicates the UFO information resides in the CIA rather than in a secret second government came in 1977 after Jimmy Carter had been elected. Todd Zechel questioned Lundahl about a US News and World Report story that there might be “startling disclosures” from the government about UFOs. Lundahl promised that he would check with “the boys” who Zechel determined were former CIA Director Richard Helms and William Colby.
[20] Robbie Graham, “Reagan Wasn’t Joking” and Steven Spielberg knows it”



[23] The same involvement was reported to me by 80+year old Allene Holt Gramley and her sister who told me the story of her father Turner Holt, a minister in Ohio, who was shown wreckage and three “creatures” that were being held in a sub- basement of the Capitol building. The person who showed them to him was his cousin Cordell Hull, who served as Secretary of State for Roosevelt from 1932-1944.

[24] Kevin Randle, “Project Moon Dust”





  1. The vexing question NEVER answered, when claims that ANY President does not have "a high enough clearance" to be briefed on UFOs is, just WHO has a higher clearance and can thus deny any sitting President? More to the point, who can tell a sitting President what he/she can hear about UFOs or anything?
    And how is such restraint of info from a President "constitutional:" process, as this article contends. Where in the Constituion is any President denied adquate knowledge to execute the government?

  2. P.S. By "execute the government" I meant, of course, carry out the workings of the Executive Branch, which is the President's job. Sorry if that sounded confused.


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