Monday, October 28, 2013

UFO is Really Flying Grim Reaper? | VIDEO

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UFO is Really Flying Grim Reaper? | VIDEO

Flying Grim Reaper Prank Scares The Bejeebers Out Of Unsuspecting Park-Goers (VIDEO)

By The Huffington Post

     People at a Louisville, Ky., park got the fright of their lives recently after their outdoor activities were disrupted by Death itself.

In this hilariously terrifying YouTube video, a flying Grim Reaper -- the brainchild of comedian Tom Mabe -- stalks and scares the socks off many unsuspecting joggers and other park-goers.

"We have had a lot of fun making this. It’s taken some work to make it happen, but it’s great fun," Mabe said, according to UK's Metro. "The best bit is when you sneak up on people. We fly it about 200ft in the air and then drop it down so it’s right behind them."

The video of the creepy Angel of Death, which Mabe says flies with the help of a remote control helicopter, has spread like wildfire since being uploaded Wednesday. Within 24 hours, it's amassed more than 175,000 views.

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