Thursday, October 24, 2013

UFO Caught on Deer Camera in Louisiana? | VIDEO

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UFO Caught on Deer Camera in Louisiana - October 2013

By RealUFOs2009

     Don't know what the heck it is. Never got anything like this on picture or video before from the deer cameras. The trees in the shot are about 35 yards away and there are other trees behind that, but very little.. I cant tell if the object is in front of the tree leaves or behind it. . . .


  1. Either the aliens've modelled their aerial manoeuvres on Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon outtakes from the '30s or it's a bank of bulbs strapped to a board someone's wavin' about.

    Does the camera's owner have any neighbours whose nerdish offspring might want to pull his leg?

    Intrigued by the diametrical streak descending in the foreground though.

    Doesn't seem to exhibit the flight pattern of a bird landing or swooping down to pick up prey.

    1. That is a bug swooping by in the foreground....the lights in the background though are a mystery.


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