Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Did UFO Emit Beam of Light? | VIDEO

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Did UFO Emit Beam of Light - Oct 2013

Was E.T. trying to phone home? CCTV captures light shaft which appears to descend from the heavens

• Reflected sun on Polperro harbour in Cornwall creates stunning blue light.

• Newsagent William Fathers captured image on his shop's webcam.

• The 46-year-old said: 'It looks as if aliens are coming to Polperro harbour.'

• Heavenly reflections created when low sun shines on to the sea's surface
By The Daily Mail

     This astonishing picture shows how sunlight reflected off the sea looked for a minute as if a UFO was coming in to land in the harbour.

A newsagent in the picturesque Cornish village of Polperro joked that he feared for a minute an alien such as E.T. was descending when he saw the strong blue shaft of light on the harbour.

William Fathers, of Polperro News, tweeted this stunning picture of the natural phenomenon from his shop's webcam with the caption 'Aliens are beaming down to Polperro Harbour'. . . .


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