Wednesday, October 09, 2013

‘Aliens’ Inspire Portsmouth Pupils | VIDEO

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‘Aliens’ Inspire Portsmouth Pupils


IMAGINE arriving at school to discover aliens had invaded.

     Youngsters at Manor Infant School in Buckland, Portsmouth, were surprised when they arrived to see a crashed UFO early yesterday morning.

Surrounded by police warning tape, the spaceship was observed excitedly by the children as they explored around the crash area, looking for clues and finding them in the form of ‘space jelly’ and glitter.

It was the second year that alien activities have been held at the school.

The metre-high UFO was designed and built by the Year 2 teachers, and it contained an alien.

The spaceship crash was the culmination of a month of extra-terrestrial activities for Year 2 at the school. . . .

. . . Local police were involved in the story by filing a missing alien report, with the children following suite and creating their own missing alien posters.

The children were later told by police that they had found the aliens and brought them back to the school. . . .


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