Wednesday, September 04, 2013

UFO Skeptic, Philip J. Klass' Papers On MJ-12 & Condon Report Released To Public

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Philip J. Klass

Just Published: never-seen Philip J. Klass papers on MJ-12 and the Condon Report.

By Robert Sheaffer

      I have just placed on my Historical documents page on some newly-scanned "white papers" and correspondence by the influential skeptic Philip J. Klass (1919-2005) concerning the supposed MJ-12 papers, and a pre-publication critique of the Condon report.

In November, 1968, Klass wrote an advance critique of the not-yet-published Condon Report (University of Colorado study of UFOs), and circulated it to only a very few persons (fortunately, I was one). He notes that the persons involved in the study were supposed to be uncommitted on the the question of UFOs, but several were already UFO believers.

President Truman to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, 24 September 1947

Here are Klass' "White Papers" and other correspondence on the supposed MJ-12 papers (first series only. Even Stanton Friedman is reluctant to defend the MJ-12 papers of the second series!). He explains why they are hoaxes. The discussion involves William L. Moore, Stanton Friedman, Peter A. Gersten. (57 pages)

Here is Klass' explanation of the $1,000 wager that he lost to Stanton Friedman.



  1. Stan writes in:

    The stuff posted by Robert Sheaffer provides a fine example of selective choice of data and of the intellectual bankruptcy of the pseudoscience of antiufology.Not surprisingly there is no Friedman file at the Klass collection at the American Philosophical Society Library despite many letters over more than 20 years. Do note that there is no mention of my 90 page "Final Report on Operation Majestic 12" from 1990. There is no mention of my book "TOP SECRET/MAJIC" first hard cover and then trade paper.. The first has many more letters back and forth.Klass's many offers all had kickers. I inisted on modification to the $100. per year one. I just verified that Klass had never been to the Eisenhower Library (nor the HST).. neither had Oberg or Sheaffer..

    Incidentally It was not a wager. He challenged me. I met the challenge. He paid me.(Told lots of people about challenging me, few about paying me). I wagered nothing. He mentions a modest sample. The Ike Library.. (at which I have spent weeks) had over 250,000 pages of NSC materials. To suggest that one can generalize from 9 elite items to 250,000 is absurd. I have dealt with all of his pseudoscientific arguments. None standup. Why no mention of Roger Westcott's research? Did he check the Hillenkoetter files at the Hoboken National Archives branch?? I did and also talked to Mrs. H. and Mrs. Menzel etc etc.

    My publications are listed on my website


    Stan Friedman

  2. Hey Stan,

    Sorry to hear how bummed out you feel that there is no Friedman File in the Klass papers at the APS library. If it's any consolation, there is no Sheaffer File there either, despite the many correspondences Phil and I shared over the years.

    Before you get too frenzied about my supposed conspiracy to conceal the really good stuff about MJ-12, reflect on this: I scanned those PJK papers on MJ-12 that I had in my possession. If I didn't have it, I couldn't scan it. Sorry if your book didn't get mentioned; most of those Klass papers predate it, anyway. And if you wrote some fantastic 90-page knockout report, it would be your responsibility to publish it, not mine.

  3. "[Klass] notes that the persons involved in the [Condon]study were supposed to be uncommitted on the the question of UFOs, but several were already UFO believers."

    How fortunate for all, then, that the study _head_ was already spring-loaded to the opposite tack! Rofl!


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