Sunday, September 29, 2013

Professional Skeptic Debunks UFOs and More; $100k Offered for Proof

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Professional Skeptic Debunks UFOs (and More)

Professional skeptic debunks paranormal at SMC

By Alci Rengifo

     James Underdown is dedicated to prove that UFOs, psychic powers and paranormal abilities are all impossible.

Underdown is a professional skeptic and investigator, and director of the nonprofit Center for Inquiry in Los Angeles. He is also the founder of the organization Independent Investigator Group, which investigates fringe science, paranormal and extraordinary claims from a rational, scientific viewpoint. . . .

. . . For Underdown, the mysterious, enticing world of ghosts and aliens is nothing more than a product of our cultural, sometimes psychological makeup, or potentially of hoaxers trying to scam a quick buck.

And there is a buck to make, Underdown announced. The Center for Inquiry is offering $100,000, in partnership with the Independent Investigator Group, to anyone who can provide definitive proof of psychic powers plus a $5,000 finder’s fee for whoever brings in a real psychic. . . .

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  1. I find this schelptics SUCH a yawn now, but for a few years saw them--not just about this subject--as a kind of challenge, and would take them on, but I have woken right up to their tactics which are really their ingrained stubborn bloodyminded ignore-ance, AND con-formity to ANY old s***t authority may say.
    They do NOT absorb, and cannot see a bigger picture, or patterns, and quite frankly are not worth any effort *whatsoever*. Flogging a dead horse would get more results! I would love for them to have to suffer each others company without any one challenging their decrepit worldview. What a little hell THAT would be hehehe (wicked laugh) :)))


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