Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gearing Up for The Next Round: "'Extraterrestrial Presence' is The Right Way to Flag Congress..."

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Gearing Up for The Next Round: "'Extraterrestrial Presence' is The Right Way to Flag Congress..."

Let the clamor begin ... again

By Billy Cox
De Void

     Last December, when he was organizing the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, Stephen Bassett thought he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Five straight days of UFO testimony in Washington, D.C., and Americans would be clamoring for more coverage.

“The media is the most powerful lever the public has to stick it to government,” he said then. “Without the media, it's almost impossible to press the government to take action in the public interest ... We’ll create so much public interest, a lot of the editors are gonna say, Christ almighty, enough is enough, that’s it, let’s get some answers from these guys. And if they ask the right questions, I predict the truth embargo will be over within 60 days.”

Four months gone now since the week-long parade of eyewitnesses — some impeccable, some dubious — participated in a mock congressional hearing at the National Press Club. Coverage was erratic, often snarky and most definitely allergic to follow-ups, even with veterans testifying to bad juju surrounding U.S. nuclear missiles. Which apparently proves that, in order to impress the media, it’ll take a lot more than $600,000, the conservatively estimated retail price for putting the Citizen Hearing together.

Q: So where do these desultory results leave Bassett’s Paradigm Research Group?

A: Gearing up for the next round.

With continuing financial assistance from Vancouver millionaire Tom Clearwater, PRG is transferring all this videotaped testimony — some 30 hours worth — into multi-DVD sets; by late October, it plans to have sent them to the offices of all 535 Congressional members. Then comes a followup social media/email blast requesting that Disclosure advocates pressure the pols — or at least staffers — to review the videos, then lobby them to meet with Bassett about staging real hearings on The Hill. The reasoning here is that, with record-breaking, bottom-sucking popularity numbers, way down there in the muck with the albino catfish, skates and methane-eating microbes, elected officials will have to think twice about blowing off constituent requests.

But there’s no getting around the media flop on the front end. Bassett acknowledges that. “It did not get anywhere near to what I thought it would get. There were no network interviews at all,” he says. “We just didn’t have enough money to drive media awareness. Between that and the bombing nine days before the hearings ...”

Right — the Boston Marathon bombings. Media commitment to that horror story drained the air out of the Hearings and practically everything else that went down in May. Bassett has a right to feel snakebit. In 2002, he ran for Congress in Maryland’s 8th District on a platform of UFO disclosure. As his independent campaign rounded the home stretch that October, car-trunk snipers Lee Boyd Malvo and John Muhammad decided open fire on Beltway-area voters who weren’t all that interested in hearing about UFO coverups at that point.

Anyway, Bassett remains convinced his use of “extraterrestrial presence” is the right way to flag Congress, and that detractors who say the ET riff is premature are the ones playing games.

“The number of potential Earth-like planets that can sustain liquid water has increased exponentially,” he says, referring to this summer’s Astrophysical Journal Letters hypothesizing that as many as 60 billion habitable worlds could exist in the Milky Way alone. “We have zero evidence for operating in another dimension or moving around in time. Politically, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference if you’re talking about time travel or ETs or whatever, OK? Semantics is just another debunking tool.”

So here’s the context for PRG’s next round: Only one (1) percent of Americans think Capitol Hill is doing an “excellent” job, and just 6 percent label its work as “good,” according to a recent Rasmussen Poll. “Poorly” — that’s a euphemism for what 64 percent think. In fact, the 113th Congress is on track to become America's most worthless collection of public “servants” since evaluations began in 1948. Now, throw in WikiLeaks revelations about unending malfeasance abroad, garnish with Edward Snowden's exposes on domestic surveillance, then marinate with a generation of disillusioned and wired digital-native millennials who, for some reason, think American institutions are diseased and contagious. Slide this broth into the oven and Bassett figures he’s got a winning recipe for Disclosure hearings.

“Gee, would the NSA lie about surveillance on the American people, would the president lie about WMD in Iraq? What the millennials see is a government that will lie about anything,” Bassett says. “They lie about war, they lie about peace, what’s to stop them from lying about extraterrestrials? We’re going to need the participation of the 20 to 35 crowd. They’re the ones who are going to make the difference.”

And if that approach doesn’t work, well, as long as mysterious Tom Clearwater, a reputed oil man, keeps the money coming, no doubt something else will.


  1. Geezus, the "dream" has turned into a nightmare! When are fools such as Stephen Bassett and Tom Clearwater are going to wake up and see the light, along with all of the other fools who think that extraterrestrials exist, are mingling with humans and that, somehow, the U.S. governmentt and other governments not only have secret information that they are again, somehow, keeping from citizens and that the governments are in cahoots with alleged ETs and that one of these days (read: decades!) disclosure will be the order of the day!

    You gotta be kidding me. This is what you get when you are weak and you have a belief system that doesn't require evidence, anyone's word is good enough. I'm grateful these fools don't represent my opinion.

  2. Hmmm what do we need information for, the person above 'knows it all'! But what is getting me to comment is how its mentione d that some days before the hearing was the Boston Marathon bombings which have FALSE FLAG written all over them. I am not saying that the intended purpose was to obscure about bassett's talks, but why NOT. They surely could be ONE of them considering the efforts evidenced of the decades cover-up. Also I remember that in the weeks gbefore the 9/11 attacks/FALSE FLAG, I had been extremely interested in following about The Disclosure, but of course the dramatic intrusion of 9/11 took me right off that course of inquiry for quite a while. by the way, at the same time that the Boston Bombings happened there was also another big news article obsured, it was the New York Times article about the indicting Clinton, Bush and Obama for war crimes!! Was that also conincidence? Have you heard of the term 'control of the narrative', and this: "THE THREE PILLARS OF POWER

    1. Control of the greoup mind, ideas, and beliefs"
    A LOT of attention from VERY VERY rich people with a lot of time on their hands and chain of command at their commend are on stuff like this. This info is not to disourage, but just to be aware what we're up against.


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