Saturday, August 24, 2013

Video Footage of a UFO in the Skies Above Thundersley, UK | UFO NEWS

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Video Footage of a UFO in the Skies Above Thundersley, UK

VIDEO: UFO spotted over Thundersley, Essex

By Chris Richards

     The one minute, 19 second clip was uploaded to the video sharing website YouTube by a user called Dave Davis-Collins.

According to a post accompanying the video, the sighting took place on August 12.

Mr Davis-Collins also writes: "This footage is genuine.

"Over the past two weeks strange objects in the night sky have been passing over the house.

"They vary in altitude and appear brighter than the stars, then disappear into nothing.

"They travel twice as fast as any private or commercial air craft and make no sound.

"There are no flashing lights (as featured on standard air craft) and this is not a shooting star/meteor. . . .

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