Friday, August 30, 2013

Turkish News Video of UFO Sighting & Photographs Recurs | VIDEO

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Turkish News Video of UFO Sighting & Photographs Recurs 5-31-13

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

     Back on May 31st, Habertürk TV along with their corresponding web-sites published a story of an alleged UFO sighting photographed by security guard Ahmet Özcan. The incident took place at a so-called “technology park” in Gebze Kocaeli sometime in May.

Özcan stated that he was alerted by the sound of barking dogs (uncertain whether they were guard dogs) and that’s when he noticed the UFO (pointing the location out in the video); he quickly snapped a picture of it with his cell-phone camera and after focusing on his phone, he then prepared to take another shot and the object was gone.

A local UFO organization which translates to “Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center” pronounced the image authentic (meaning that it was not a product of CGI; that it was/is a picture of a physical object).

The incident was recently highlighted by a UFO blog; picked up by a UK newszine and is making the rounds (again).


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