Monday, August 19, 2013

Recent UFO Sighting is Nothing New in Saltville

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Recent UFO sighting in Saltville is one of many over the years

By Robert "Rocky" Cahill

     . . . This all started sometime in the 1940s. Our father (Guy Cahill) and our mother (Maisie Smith) were just starting to date. They had taken a Sunday afternoon drive through the Rich Valley area of Smyth County when they saw what they described as a cigar-shaped craft pass overhead and travel on until it was out of sight. They were about eight miles out of Saltville at the time. Dad always said he had no idea what it was.

Several years later, in about 1968, my good friends Barry Chapman, the late Steve Harris and I all on the same evening had an encounter with a UFO. At that time, the late Ed Maiden, who operated Ed's Drive-In Restaurant, built a small building and sponsored weekend dances for mostly teenagers. In a small town such as Saltville, it was a real attraction, giving us kids a place to go and something to do on Saturday night. They normally ended around 11 p.m. or thereabout.

It was one such Saturday night that my buddy Barry Chapman and I had been to a dance and were walking home. Just about the time we reached 3rd Ave (where I lived), we had our encounter. We looked up and a long, bright green object slid silently across the sky above the town. As it reached the far side of the valley where the hills known as Mill Cliff and Lover's Leap are, the front end tilted slightly down.

The craft (or whatever the darn thing was) began to slide back and forth like a sheet of paper will do if dropped to the floor, slowly descending out of view behind the hills on that side of the valley. I think what amazed Barry and me most was that it obviously had some manner to propel it, yet it was totally quiet without so much as a whisper that we could hear.

This was not the end of this strange evening as another buddy, the late Steve Harris, was returning home from a date over in the Beaver Creek area. Steve pulled up to the four-way intersection at Highway 107 when suddenly the electrical system on his car went dead. Now Steve was a great mechanic. He figured either his generator had lost its belt or some connection had come loose, belt broke or several other possible maladies. Being the "grease monkey" he was, he always carried plenty of tools with him.

Steve later told us that when he got out and went to open the hood of his dad's car, he looked up and the green cylinder was passing slowly over head. The really strange part was that once it passed completely overhead and floated a short distance off, all the lights and other electrical gauges and such came back on. He said he ran and jumped back in the car, hit the ignition switch and the engine roared back to life. He told me he must have driven close to 100 miles per hour getting back to town. . . .

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