Monday, July 15, 2013

Recent UFO Sightings Spur Resident To Reveal Close Encounter Incident

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Recent UFO Sightings Spur Resident To Reveal Close Encounter Incident


- rough translation by Google -

     A worker had a close encounter with a UFO at a distance of twenty meters. "I never told anyone but my family and I want people to know, this is something I will not forget in my life. I’m 72 years old, and this is something that exists,” says Roberto Moreira a retiree of the soft drinks industry.

Mr. Moreira was compelled to come forward after a rash of recent sightings was reported in the local media. It’s suspected that the UFOs study the water here. It all started when the newspaper, El Tribuno began publishing stories of neighbors who said they had spotted lights in the sky. Mr. Moreira read articles and asked “what transcends the space experience? When I read a note from Mrs. Angela de Ponce I decided to tell my story.”

"It is true, when people hear the story laughs or does not believe to be true, but it'll tell you it was so. If you would have a Bible laying his hand on her, I'm not going to lie to God" said the man, explaining that a summer night in March 1997, was on duty at the plant of North neighborhood carbonated water. At that time, the factory bottle filling performed and worked effluent plant, with a pool of about 20 meters long with inputs and outputs. It was next to the river and illuminated. The data is not lower because the witness is convinced that the crew of the flying object was interested just in the water.

"It was about three o'clock, I had to control the liquid level PH. Nearby was a piletita plant in which they prepared the jars with liquids. Went out with one in each hand and before emptying I got back, and stretching out and that's when I saw it. was a flying saucer and was there about twenty yards, and tell you from here to the house across the street, at a height of three stories or less. was gray, medium dark gray, large, wide almost like a house or a little more, "said Moreira.

In this context, the retiree described what may be a ship, without any opening or lights, nor any noise emitted. Was suspended Paraguay toward the bridge. "I looked to the side to see if there was something else, the first thing I did was run to the phone and call the guard, was a guy named Huaranca, I told him urgently down, stop everything. Then went back out and did not was, it had been a few seconds, ten, fifteen, I dunno. Huaranca believe me, I was restless, as if he had run five miles. I believe you told me, "he said. "I think it is for something to come, they should have called attention to the water, the sink aerators many bubbles they did not know. The pool was lit. Believe that this exists.'s The first time I talk about this so that people know, "said the man. . . .

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