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US Navy Caught Monitoring UFO Web-Sites

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US Navy Caught Monitoring UFO Web-Sites

By Anthony Bragalia
The UFO Chronicles

      A little-known US Navy agency employing some of the nation’s top information technology experts has been selectively monitoring websites that carry articles that relate to UFO crashes, Roswell and related events.

For at least five years this small Navy organization has found, visited and reviewed certain blogs, writers and forums that discuss such subjects, including this blog -- The UFO Iconoclast(s).

This agency employs personnel with Top Secret clearance that manage all Navy computer networks. They also manage the entire IP database for the US Navy, direct classified telecommunications networks, and support cyber defense and cyber warfare projects. They also provide the servers and networks for other government agencies including NASA.

This agency collaborates with those in DoD military and intelligence. And the name of the agency caught in UFO site surveillance is the Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) within the “Navy Circuit Management Office.”

That agency has also targeted this author.

UFO Bloggers Reporting Navy Interest

I have located several examples of Navy Network Information Center (NNIC) visits to online UFO articles and whose visitor logs are available for review:

- reported that on December 8, 2010 their visitor tracking program indicated a visit by the NNIC. Such programs can often provide further details about the visit: There were a total of 3 “Page Views” and the visit was for 1 minute and 22 seconds. The “Entry Page” and “Exit Page” (or the title and keywords that brought them to the site) was: “Wikileaks UFO Disclosure: Cables Contain UFO Info, Claims Assange.”

- Mel Fabregas of reported on January 29, 2009 that a UFO website author had contacted him to report that immediately after posting an article entitled “UFO Sighting Over President Barack Obama Inauguration,” the NNIC came “visiting.” Fabregas reported that he contacted Italian researcher Paola Harris about this who told him, “I have gotten several emails citing intelligence groups who are logging on to (UFO) websites.”

- Even patently “fake” UFO-Alien encounter tales can apparently catch the interest of NNIC. As far back as five years ago (on July 5, 2008) the Open Minds Forum commented on “Sources That are Reading Releases” and mentioned that among the first visitors to the Serpo site was NNIC. A tale put forth by a man named Victor Martinez (likely with the help of Air Force flunky Richard Doty) had proposed that open contact was made between our government and an alien race some decades ago and that an “exchange program” called “Serpo” was created, carrying of a dozen earth people to a distant star.

More on the Navy Network Information Center

Finding information of any type on this agency proves very difficult. Using LinkedIn I learned of an individual who works with a major government classified work contractor, URS. She is the Financial Manager for the NNIC and manages a $300 million budget. From another professional on LinkedIn who is a security-cleared Network Engineer some information could be gleaned about the agency’s mission.

According to the website URL Monitor, the NNIC acts as the server for other government agencies, including NASA’s Global Ocean Data Experiment website and network. The server was found to be faster than most measured websites.

The Navy Network Information Center seems to be “headquartered” in Norfolk, VA based two employee and contractor profiles found on LinkedIn. IP address information provided by the website shows that location as well as IP addresses in Pensacola, FL and three in Portsmouth, VA. reported that their NNIC site visitor was located at Camp Pendleton.

The NNIC and Me

At least once the NNIC has visited me. In an article that was carried on Frank Warren’s The UFO Chronicles website entitled “Roswell Officer Speaks from the Grave” appearing on December 10, 2012, sure enough, the NNIC was a cyber-visitor according to Frank’s Stat Counter.

This article featured a taped confession of viewing an ET corpse by Walter Haut, the Public Information Officer at Roswell Army Air Field in July, 1947.

Frank reports that there were several federal government visitors with military and intelligence agencies, among them one for which no information has been found available: the “US Department of Defense Network” in Severn, MD with another location in Texarkana, TX.

Other Government UFO Site Visitors

There are indeed other government UFO site visitors according to those who are tracking their visitors, These include NASA, Department of Homeland Security and the US State Department. But there is always one consistent visitor who often visits first: the Navy through its little-mentioned Navy Network Information Center.

Private Interest or Government Spying

At least some of these government “website hits” are surely resultant from private interest. The US government employs hundreds of thousands with work-a-day routines. Sitting in front of their computers are they merely playing “digital hooky” from work and “playing on the computer” of their employer – or is it something deeper? Is their employer directing them to keep a watch on the UFO watchers?


  1. As usual Tony you have done your work. In my work researching the early Canadian contacts in the US, I asked the associates of Wilbert Smith who they thought the key people were in the US that Smith was dealing with. At least a couple of them told me they thought the Navy was the key group.

  2. Mornin' Grant,

    Thanks for taking time to make comment. FYI: Jim Harder was a proponent (for the often overlooked) Navy involvement/investigation into the UFO phenomenon. He was sending me documentation when he passed.



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