Tuesday, June 18, 2013

UFOs: Weapons of Mass Deception | VIDEO - Mirage Men Trailer

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Mirage Men Trailer

By sheffdocfest.com

     Paul Bennewitz used to enjoy the view from his desert home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But when he began to see strange lights, and reported them as UFOs to the US Air Force, his troubles began. Thus began a dramatic journey which destroyed his family and eventually landed him in an insane asylum.

Bennewitz unluckily came up against a bizarre U.S intelligence operation: a deliberate disinformation campaign which encouraged belief in UFOs – and threw Russians off the scent of defense development. John Lundberg unveils an intricate web of postwar intrigue, a story that is both enjoyable and chilling in its details.

At the heart of Mirage Men lies Special Agent Richard Doty, whose reputation as a trickster and master manipulator are legendary. He admits to almost farcical levels of counterintelligence in the UFO community – in which he continues to stir the pot.. . . .

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