Thursday, June 20, 2013

Army Major Captures 'UFO' in Kannur, Kerala | UFO NEWS

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Army Major captures 'UFO' in Kannur, Kerala - 2013

By Anantha Krishnan

      An Army officer has reportedly captured a UFO (unidentified flying object) on his cell phone at Kannur, Kerala.

Divya Sebastian, wife of Major Sebastian Zachariah, an Army officer now on an international assignment, said that her husband has indeed captured the image while on an outing on a beach in Kannur.

“My husband had a new mobile (HTC-1) and he was checking the features by clicking photos randomly. It was around 4.30-5 pm and suddenly he screamed saying that he got a UFO image. We couldn’t believe it first and thought he was playing a prank,” Divya who hails from Kannur told Express over phone.

She said Major Sebastian did not see the UFO with his naked eye. “We checked every frame carefully and only one had a flying saucer on it. We looked in the sky to spot something unusual. We came back home and did a thorough search on the internet and even scanned the NASA website,” said Divya. . .

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