Monday, May 13, 2013

Tourists Snap Photo of UFO Over Sea World in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Tourists Snap Photo of UFO Over Sea World in Buenos Aires, Argentina - May 2013


[rough translation by Google]

      A couple of tourists, who were enjoying an entertainment show at Sea World with his camera took several photographs showing the silhouette of a UFO flying over the skies of Buenos Aires city of San Clemente.

The images captured by chance could be an image of what is popularly referred to as a "flying saucer", which surprised strongly to young to see it.

"I captured the image on camera, while taking a pictures of my girlfriend and her family. It was just a picture to appreciate a little landscape" described Colnago Neri, author of the photo, Telenueve.

The boy described it with his partner, that they reviewed it several times to try to understand what the object was. "The object always remained motionless in all the scenes, it was not passing," he said incredulously.

"You could see it was not a bird or a plane. But here was something totally unknown. We're amazed when we saw it," said astonished Jimena Rios, one of the young couple who took the photograph.

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