Friday, May 03, 2013

"Paying a Bunch of Retired Politicians to ... 'Hear' Stuff Just Doesn’t Seem Like a Path to the Truth."

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"Paying a Bunch of Retired Politicians to ... 'Hear' Stuff Just Doesn’t Seem Like a Path to the Truth."

Aliens? Here? Just Ask The ‘Experts’

By Rebecca Regnier

      This week a Washington, D.C., group conducted hearings on the existence of extraterrestrials and presented evidence of an alleged government cover-up.

A group called the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure sponsored by the Paradigm Research Group set up the hearings and paid six former members of Congress $20,000 each plus expenses to hear evidence on the matter.

The faux congressional style hearings were to include a history of aliens, evidence of a 1947 spaceship crash in Roswell, N.M., and testimony that pilots have spotted UFOs 3,500 times.

I am not a cynic in this department. The idea that there are other species, non-earthling type folks, is not only probable, but likely I think. Space is big y’all, cray cray big.

Here’s where I have a problem — hiring former politicians to lend legitimacy to something. What now? Tell me again how the nice Congress people are going to make something seem credible?

I suppose the idea from the Paradigm Research Group is that former Congress people are serious and respectable. Maybe they think that attaching these venerable former representatives to this endeavor will make the idea of a government alien cover up seem less wackadoo? . . .

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