Monday, May 13, 2013

'It Was A UFO And . . . There Were Aliens Aboard It,' Says, Ex-Air Force Lt. Colonel Richard French | VIDEO

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Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

      When Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French was a lead investigator of Project Blue Book in the 1950s, his job was to shoot down false reports of UFOs.

Given his job, French never dreamed he'd end up in Newfoundland in one day watching what appeared to him to be two extraterrestrials performing repairs on a submerged, unknown circular craft.

In Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago, the 83-year-old retired officer testified at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure, panel of six former members of Congress about his work as a UFO debunker in 1952.

French recounted how the Newfoundland incident unfolded decades ago, in the early 1950s, after two UFOs were seen by many people off the coast of St. John's. French's superiors ordered him to look into the situation.

"They said, 'We have a UFO report and we want you to investigate it,' and that was standard for what I was doing," French told The Huffington Post. "They told me there were two of them involved and that they were deep under the water, after entering the water doing roughly 100 miles an hour.

"There were a lot of people assembled on the wharf, at least 100 standing around just looking in amazement at the water, including several local policemen."

Watch Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure:

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  1. Know that aliens are demons in disguise because your soul depends on it. These so called aliens have been around for thousands of years and where are their good works.


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