Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shock in Northern Argentina by the Appearance of a Strange Phenomenon

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Shock in Northern Argentina by the Appearance of a Strange Phenomenon 4-21-13


The six provinces sky was lit at dawn by a kind of fireball that sparked so much curiosity as fear in the population, although it passed without leaving damage. "It was a fireball," said a specialist.

      The night became day. A fireball sailed this morning from north to south the sky for at least six provinces in northern and central Argentina causing fear and curiosity in the population, but spent no casualties or damage.

According to residents of the city of Santiago del Estero the phenomenon occurred at 3:30 and was preceded by a yellowish-orange light of day until it was full morning. In the province, the phenomenon could be seen from the tourist town of Rio Hondo, 78 kilometers north of Santiago, to places like Pinto, located about 200 kilometers south of the provincial capital.

"The light lasted about three seconds," said the agency Telam a neighbor, while others west of the city of Santiago del Estero reported that "in the garden of a house in the neighborhood fell Mariano Moreno remains of a particle, a size 15 x 20 inches, type terra cotta, somewhat dry and with a strong, pungent odor. "

Since then (3.30) of the population santiagueña remained this morning in the street with a mixture of "fear and panic", while in the sky could observe a white halo.

The same event broke the quiet of the early Sunday in Catamarca. Residents of the towns of Los Altos Fiambalá and stated that incandescent material remains across the sky fell to earth in their respective territories. The phenomenon could also be seen in some of Chaco, Salta, Tucuman and Cordoba. . . .

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