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Mystery UFO Cluster 'Snapped' Over Cairns | UFO NEWS | PHOTO

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Mystery UFO Cluster 'Snapped' Over Cairns - March 2013

By Liam Parsons
The Cairns Post

IT seems residents in Yorkeys Knob may not be alone.

     UFOs are the talk of the town afterstrange objects spotted in the sky were caught on camera last month.

The mysterious objects were captured by friends Tracey Schneider and Charlotte Hellings about three weeks ago while they were taking photos of the sunset from the Yorkeys Knob golf course.

One photo shows two brown domes above a cluster of about six smaller objects which Ms Schneider said were not in the previous shot, taken 10 seconds earlier.

While Ms Schneider said she was keeping an open mind about what the mysterious objects might be, they had moved too quickly to be birds.

And she said the fact the objects were caught on both cameras proved they were not caused by dirt or a mark on the lens.

The pair's encounter has sparked similar stories throughout the beachside suburb, with The Cairns Post receiving calls from Yorkeys Knob residents who claim to have made similar sightings.

"I put it on Facebook and a lot of people were saying they had seen the same thing," Ms Schneider said. . . .

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