Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Media Coverage of UFO Phenomena Found Lacking

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Media Coverage of UFO Phenomena Found Lacking


Bill Wickersham is an adjunct professor of Peace Studies at MU. He has been interested in UFO phenomena for more than 50 years.

     For more than 65 years, there have been worldwide reports of sightings, landings and crashes of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) which are under intelligent control, and which travel at speeds and with aeronautical capabilities far surpassing those of known, earthly military and commercial aircraft.

Those accounts have been affirmed by the testimony of many reliable witnesses, including astronauts, generals, admirals, law enforcement officials, airline pilots and other highly credentialed individuals.

Some UFO crashes have been retrieved by military personnel of the United States and other countries, and several witnesses have viewed and handled the bodies of the occupants of those extraterrestrial (ET) craft.

A seminal research document titled "UFOs and Defense: What Should We Prepare For?" published in 1999 by an independent group of former French generals, space scientists and other high officials concluded: "A single hypothesis sufficiently takes into account the facts and, for the most part, only calls for present-day science. It is the hypothesis of extraterrestrial visitors. Advanced as of 1947 by certain U.S. military personnel, today it is popular worldwide. It is discredited by a certain elite but is plausible. Scientists (astronomers, physicists, engineers, futurologists, etc.) have elaborated on it enough for it to be received - as a hypothesis - by their peers."

If the ET Hypothesis is valid, humankind faces the greatest scientific discovery in history - the existence of non-human, intelligent off-planet life forms with interstellar propulsion capabilities. Thus, this meeting of cosmic cultures will inevitably affect every segment of Civilization, including religion, politics, science, technology, health, agriculture, and the complete spectrum of human life will likely be challenged by confirmation of a larger reality.

Contemplation of the effects of this reality on various Earth cultures and the probable and preferred responses from those cultures is a critical research/education project for the best minds willing to undertake the challenge. Needless to say, participation by the world's top journalists is an essential requirement for the successful investigation and resolution of the complex issues which are bound to arise with full disclosure of the extraterrestrial visitation.

Since 1947, the UFO/ET phenomenon has been subject to a highly compartmentalized U.S. government coverup that has been largely justified in terms of "national security", despite official pronouncements by the Air Force that UFOs have never posed a threat to U.S. military operations or the security of the nation. This is a curious assertion considering repeated documentation of UFO incursions at nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons laboratories, nuclear weapons storage facilities, and nuclear weapons launch facilities. Clearly, the truth regarding these incursions is a prime topic for serious investigation and reporting by professional journalists. . . .

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  1. Is there any possibility that we have been conditioned to believe in certain things that just may not be true? Such as,"There will always be poor among us; man will always make war." Could these be falsities that hinder us from acting to cure the diseases of the society that fosters such notions upon us?

    Could there be a relationship between privatizing the issue of our money (the issue of bourse) and the continuous human warfare that the human race has endured since 1913?

    How about the millions that now live on the streets; Could this dispiriting fact of life not have Something to do with who issues the bourse maybe?

    Could it be that war and poverty are merely unjust diseases the banker creates, nurtures and fosters for fun and profit? Can we ask, "Why do we allow him the private control of bourse?"

    Bankers corruptly bought the right to issue our money in 1913. Have we had anything other than unending death and destruction worldwide since then?

    Can we not ask ourselves: "If the bankers had not had our money to play with, is there any way that they could have been able to build the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons that they've mined our planet with?"

    Do we see a view that 'who owns the bourse,' is the main issue that we should be focusing on in these last days of boursed tyranny rule?

    Do we not understand that to get rid of the multiple nuclear threats we face, we will need to have the authority to issue the bourse in our hands?

    Have our false war making crowd fooled us into believing that we must fight to be free? Lord knows there's got to be a better way.

    Product of their lies; Poor people and warriors. Can we not do better than this?

    Are we awake enough to see that war is a sport that rolls for fun and profit? Can we not appreciate that our Father has set us free from our sporting crowd of war making thieves? "I gave you the peace; must you fail?"

    Does bourse not control much of what we see and hear on the news? Do we not have some ideas then of why the presence of the high level powers, ET, are not much talked about on mainstream news?

    If we wait for the thing called government to reveal the truth to us.......Will we ever be free of war?

    Bourse purchased the government that has fastened war on to us as if it were an appendage growing from a tree. How many will take the leap and choose not to be fooled? God loves us, we were made for peace and to love one another.
    STRIKE THEM OUT labor. End war poverty disease.


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