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"...I Wasted $10 to Watch Greer's UFO Documentary Film Sirius...So You Won't Have To" | REVIEW

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“Humanoid of Unknown Classification”

Greer's "Sirius" Documentary - no "Bombshell," just Nonstop UFO Claims

By Robert Sheaffer

     I had previously written about the forthcoming 'blockbuster' UFO documentary movie Sirius, produced by CSETI's Dr. Steven Greer, which promised Free Energy, and a Dead Alien. OK, so I wasted $10 to watch Greer's UFO documentary film Sirius on-line on the night of its Word Premiere in Hollywood. I watched it so you won't have to. First there was the "Red Carpet Coverage" of the Premiere in real-time before the movie, which apparently is no longer available. It was mostly hoopla, with a strong anti-capitalist tone. The first ten minutes or so of the movie were included.

As the film opens, we see Greer going into a college auditorium in Santa Monica, the audience being checked with metal detectors for weapons. "Most people don't know what a Dead Man Trigger is." Very few people need one. But Greer has one - if the Conspiracy rubs him out, lots of sensitive documents get sent out to influential people. Excuse me while I barf - If Greer actually had any documents as hot as all that, he would have given them to the press long ago. . . .

The film does give us some valuable insight into Greer's personality. He mentions having a Near Death experience during an illness when he was seventeen, and describes how he felt a "oneness" not only with the earth, but with the entire universe. Later in the film he said that it is the memory of that NDE that keeps him moving forward in his investigations. I had previously been wondering if Greer is sincere in what he says, or just a huckster who has found a way to make a lot of money off UFO believers. After seeing Sirius I would say that Greer is quite sincere in what he says, and the money aspects comes from effectively taking leadership of an existing group of people who largely think as he does. . . .

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