Thursday, March 07, 2013

"Why Does a Boxing Magazine Run So Much UFO Junk in the First Place?"

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Stan Hernandez

C’mon, Jake … it’s Chinatown

By Billy Cox
De Void

      So yes, it turns out the photo of an on-the-record witness to the 2006 Chicago O’Hare UFO incident isn’t a picture of “Sam Peterson” at all. It’s a police mug shot of a Florida teenager named Andrew Harris, who was arrested with a buddy three years ago for defecating in a resort swimming pool. And that’s just the beginning.

Now, before going any farther, De Void admits De Void must’ve been out of De Void’s ever-lovin’ skull to put any stock into a UFO lead coming from an obscure online boxing magazine whose practices — in hindsight — are so deranged they appear to be completely, uh, devoid of logic. I can rationalize it as a consequence of the mainstream media’s abdication of the UFO issue to the alternative-press trash heap, but still …

For Frank Warren, however, this baffling entity called Ringside Report began to stink up his radar a couple of years ago. Warren, a long-time researcher and editor of The UFO Chronicles, began to have reservations about a Ringside Report source named Stan Hernandez. Hernandez was initially described in 2011 by RR “reporter” Geno McGahee as an 81-year-old receiving death threats on account of his speaking out as an eyewitness to the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. In later updates, McGahee’s byline disappeared altogether in lieu of Hernandez, the alleged octogenarian, who emerged as RR’s Jimmy Olsen on the UFO beat. Hernandez harvested blockbuster stories from sources that Warren couldn’t verify to save his life.

“Hernandez’s” “scoop” last week about the O’Hare witness prompted Warren to dig more deeply into RR’s UFO archives. (Right, exactly — why does a boxing magazine run so much UFO junk in the first place?) As he began revisiting the stories, Warren noticed a pattern. “The photos of their sources,” he says, “looked like mug shots. Then when I checked, whoa! They were mug shots.”

What Warren discovered upon submitting RR’s photo URLs to a Google search was not merely criminal activity, but a litany of heinous sex crimes. Warren quit looking after the first half dozen RR source photos he checked all led to perv-crime links. “I think I got the picture,” he says. “I didn’t need to see any more.”

So, just to set the record straight, for anyone who might take Ringside Report’s UFO coverage seriously: “Scott Sanders” is really Richard Sanden, charged with necrophilia. Abduction expert “Dr. David Lister” is Robert Melia, busted for assaulting minors. Former NASA they’re-censoring-alien-photos whistleblower “Anthony Austin” is actually Kurtis Peter Peterson; alien abductee “Buck Stabler,” who supposedly died under mysterious circumstances, is James Naylor; “Richard Atkins,” who predicted an alien apocalypse this year, is Gustavo Castanon. Authorities arrested all three for exhibiting a hideously unnatural thing for dogs.

Last week, De Void emailed McGahee for more information about “Stan Hernandez” and “Sam Peterson.” McGahee, listed on RR’s web site as managing editor for graphics, replied that he’d left a message with his ace octogenarian reporter. After several days of zilch, De Void sent another query to McGahee, who responded: “I am sorry that Stan has not gotten back to you. I only edit and post articles. I don’t have anything to do with the actual articles, unless you’re talking about my boxing and world news that I cover.” De Void left a followup phone message for a direct interview with McGahee that has not been returned. Among other things, McGahee’s Facebook page, which shows him wearing devil horns, states that he’s a horror film producer.

De Void is not entirely convinced this isn’t one massively bad dream. But in the event that the previous account is actually occurring on this real-world plane, I may have my head examined or enter a 10-step program that’ll wean me off this twisted futile blog, once and for all, and guide me back into the bright lights of higher ground.

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