Monday, March 25, 2013

Mount Shasta Sightings: New Historical Chronology of UFO Sightings Over Mount Shasta

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Mount Shasta Sightings By Brian David Wallenstein


Mount Shasta Sightings, a UFO Chronology,now available. Local author Brian Wallenstein just finished this chronology after many years of research.

      Mount Shasta is number 13 out of 300 for UFO sighting Hot Spots. There must be some logical explanation. This book explores the history, background, reviews and reported sightings to MUFON, Project Blue-Book, Nicap and the community, to disclose long standing secrets to the author and his assistant, which they did, that further confirms the existence of UFO activity in Mt. Shasta and the immediate surrounding areas.

We found blacked-out, classified sightings, were able to get current testimony and findings to some of the most shocking events, never disclosed until now. Brian shares his discoveries such as the local police captain who had two UFO sightings close enough to almost touch the spacecraft in broad daylight just about covered up from history. . . .

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